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Oct 22, 2007

The eternal India US debate

I think this must be the most common thing guys out here going to India face... being loaded with stuff to be handed over and last minute purchases no matter how long earlier the trip had been planned!!!

It is really amazing how people expect us to land with costly gifts and take it for granted that it costs us just the same as it does there!! Requests for digicams, handycams, ipods, watches, handbags,perfumes... aaah!!! those lists.. come on we can get the same stuff back there and you can pick whatever you like more.. it is all the more irritating when they say bring it and we will pay for it!!! aahh,bring it, listen to the comments as to how they would have gotten a better piece for a lower price in India and then wait eternally for them to pay back!! Thank God, our immediate families and close friends are not in that category, but you know the others best to ignore!! I have seen a lot of victims of such, people requesting digicams as if it were chocolates.. FYI, we earn the money too... no one gives it free even in US!!!!! I feel so bad for them.

After coming here, it is true we earn a lot more than the indian counterparts but we need to spend in dollars too and why do people forget that!! We slog here day and night to work in the offices and at home doing everything at home ourselves with no help whatsover from others. Tell me how many of the people out there clean toilets,wash dishes, iron all the dresses by hand (aww the maid, dhobi, curry point, home foods luxury). Agreed we are here knowing that fully well, but i think we need to at least keep something of what we earn here out to ourselves!!! So cribbers out there,just rethink!!! Being in US is not a luxury, it is a difficult choice that we make for a little better,pollution free, corruption free life!!

When I go back, I wont regret going back there but I do have a better understanding of why people chose to stay back here!!

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sahasra said...

My experience says "The people back in India are insatiable.They'll never be happy abt the gifts we present."

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