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Oct 9, 2007

Get a Grip

Internet has come kind of late into my life to be precise, I just used net to mail and at times chat with my friends who were out of India that too once in a while. Google was the only website that I used to visit regularly and got hooked on to in the work hours, nothing else.

Now, when I look back, everything I do is in and around net. I sometimes feel that the situation is out of control and I need to get a hold on life, get a grip on what is mine. I end up postponing doing necessary things just to catch a glance of some blog or check the communities that I am a part of in Orkut to see what is happening there and come to senses only after hours and hours have passed. Now that I am working from home and needless to say working from home calls for a lot of self-discipline and self-motivation as it is very easy to get distracted, I need to cut down by non-work browsing hours to bare minimum. I badly need to!! Well, for the starters let me not log in to the personal laptop as soon as I wake up and even if I do, just switch off the lappy when at work.. at least for those 8 hours.

I am really amazed when I see loads of working people manage to take time out at work and participate so actively in all the forums, maintain blogs, take care of kids, family, etc. Well, hats off for all of them to be able to do so, I for one am just not made for it... I better cut down my on-the-net time!!

I SHOULD stick to this rule no matter what!!!!


Kalpana said...

Now, you'll be under control.......Hey, laptop kattesi kurcho and just work. If you feel like, then talk to me in between... I'll give u the updates......;)........Take care of your work raa...Now, I'll be at the back of you with a stick..... ;)

Sush said...

geee.. thank you.

Apple said...

Heyy..working frm home??? I love to be in job which gives me a chance to work from home..Anyways we all are getting addicted to the internet..I've cut down my browsing times to a couple of hrs a day and it really worked fine Sush...

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