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Oct 9, 2007

Kitchen Experiments :)

Inspired by caps' cooking, I have tried this one out and yup, it has turned out really well :)

Butter Chicken :)

Prawn fry is something that I loved as a kid, especially when made by my ammamma. When I first tried it over here with deveined and boiled prawns, the smell was yuccckkkky.. but after improvising bit by bit, boiling the prawns in buttermilk, turmeric, and salt for while to eliminate the odor, etc., I ultimately got yummy yummy curry :) this time around. This US is making me doing what I never ever dreamt that I would be doing, experimenting with recipes and mastering them :).

Prawn Fry.


Kalpana said...

Noru uristhe saripothundaa? Ela chesaavo kuda raayaali.........Do write, how you did both, your style...........waiting for that.................So, when time comes, will try that way.........:)

priya said...

That prawn fry looks so delicious.

Apple said...

The names themselves make me drool....yumm yumm

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