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Dec 31, 2007

Farewell and Welcome!!

As the year comes to a close, it is the time to summarize and sum up as to how it went and how it had been personally, professionally, financially, and health-wise. For me, it was a year of new beginnings and discoveries and visiting many places that I could only dream of or errr.. could not even dream of.

"Beauty of Fall Colors"

Spring and Fall are undoubtedly the best seasons out here.. Spring because everything suddenly blooms and it is green everywhere you look at. Fall because of all the colors you see along the way and all those beautiful leaves that fall down on the roads covering them with colors. It has been a wonderful experience looking at these nature's marvels though I missed full-fledged fall experience because of my trip to India.

"The Mighty Niagara.. Reinforced The Power of Nature. Just too awesome view to put in words"

Niagara, when seen in person reminds you of the power of nature, the sound of the water falling on to the rocks, the mist that can be seen from miles away, just the feel on being there.. experiencing the falls from "Cave of Winds" is an amazing experience. The closer you get to the falls, the more you fall in love with it. The number of rainbows that you get to see in the daylight is a treat to the eyes. The ferry "Maid of Mist" takes you to the horse-shoe falls and it is a great feeling just being there below the falls and getting drenched in the tiny water droplets. The drive from NY to Niagara is a great one, especially that greenery just like a fairway and the landscaping. You just fall in love with acres and acres of unending greenery.

"Lady Liberty.. A peaceful place away from the usual NY rush"

It was a nice ferry ride to this island and seeing the green "copper lady" statue of liberty was good but when you look at the NY skyline from there, I really missed the twin towers and being there at that spot, Ground Zero, brought tears to my eyes. It gave me shivers even thinking about the crash replays that I had seen years ago in TV. Being right underneath that place where the towers once stood, I felt kind of a vacuum and re-shocked at the mindless violence.

"A Busy New York Night"

I had always been a Friends fan, and used to see those buildings and fire escape views of NY and also "Law and Order", "Sex and The City" etc. Being there in NY downtown, I really really felt good, looking at those tall skyscrapers, the Empire State Building with more than 100 floors, The United Nations Building, World of Astoria and some great hotels there, World's Largest Macy's, Ripley's Believe it Or Not, Madam Tussuad's Wax Museum, Statue of Liberty, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero (the place where the twin towers stood). Man, this is the most happening place in the World. So many things happening, so many people around, the cabs racing past, the glitter and gloss of the place, everything about it left me awe-stuck, gaping at everything with awe. I simply fell in love with this place. It is a small world in its own.

"The Shamu Show... Awesome is the only word that comes to mind"

Seaworld in Florida is a place for joyrides, water shows, etc., a nice theme park with really great fireworks every night at 9. It is a must watch if you happen to be in Florida, we waited for hours to just catch a glimpse and it was worth all the wait.

"Universal Studios.. Florida"

Universal studios and the theme park are the "must-go" places for all the fun lovers for the scary rides, the simulated movie environments, everything about that place spells fun and yup one needs a lot of patience walking around acres and acres of land but all the effort is really worth the entertainment and enlightenment that awaits us :).

I worked, I resigned, I travelled a lot, I had fun, I had my depressed and sad moments but each time I fell in love with life afresh. In all, I lived life king size in this year and I leave you with the glimpses of the same.

The best thing has been that I have been in touch with most of my friends and the people who mattered to me through the net and of course this space even though I had been physically thousands of miles away from you all. Thank you, each and every one of you, for being there and sharing and caring. Everything that you did mattered a great deal in making this year a very special one. Hope everyone had similar wonderful experiences all year through and I wish each and every one of you a Very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year - 2008.

Dec 30, 2007

Summing it Up!!!

This is what I have been doing these days, thinking that is.. I have been wondering, as the year comes to a close what is that I have done and what is it that I intend to do in future. I have seen a lot of changes in life, been to a lot of new places and interacted with a whole lot of new people who now are a part of my life. I lived a whole new chapter in my life.. being someone's wife, living with someone who has been a stranger all the while and with whom my life is now intertwined.

Had initial hiccups in the relationship where everything seemed to have suddenly changed. I mean it is one thing to know a person for almost a year, be in touch with him over the phone and on the net for most of the time and totally a different thing staying together in person. That taken-for-grantedness and that realization when it dawns is a bit too much to take but as the fact sinks in and as time passes by you become more mature and everything falls into place, just like it has now (touchwood). There are these loads of new relations who are just trying to get used to you, the way you are trying to get used to them, lots of insecurities on both sides and a few misunderstandings and a few patchups and by the end of the year, it feels like that is what is life all about. Changes and getting used to those changes and coming out winners or just getting lost in the flow giving in to emotions. Luckily, I chose the first one and began to see things in a new perspective.

One thing that I have learnt is that you can never satisfy everyone at the same time, someone somewhere at some time or the other will have something or the other to point to and blame you, so why bother to be so nice to everyone when there is no need to. Just be yourself, do good, be good, and live the way you want to without stepping on someone else's life. If someone has a problem with it, it is his/her problem. Just learn to love yourself and take care of yourself.. 'cos if you dont love your own self, dont expect others would.. what say of my new funda???

The world will tell you who you are until you tell it yourself!!!


These past few days have been emotionally quite taxing for quite a lot of people across the globe for quite a few reasons.

I have seen two deaths in 2 consecutive days, one a violent one and the other sudden and unexpected. Both of them had left a deep impact not just on the immediate families but also their respective political parties and people in their constituencies who had a lot of hopes pinned on them.

I actually know nothing to judge as to what is wrong or right and why it happened and how and all that, but the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, though expected given the previous attack on her life in October had been a little too hard on me. Extremist groups, ruling party, not giving importance to personal security and moving closer to the crowds in a dangerous situation, whatever is the cause, it is too early and too violent a way for a life to end. I happened to see her in Rendezvous with Simi Garewal a few years ago and got an impression as to how well-read and clearly focused person she was and now I saw Frankly Speaking with TOI and liked the no-nonsense way in which she dealt with the interview. Fearless and Clear is what came to my mind when I saw that. Fearless she is, for who else would dare to go to a land knowing fully well there is a threat even after seeing her father and brothers lose their life. I admire her for the guts she had though not completely understand why she was the way she was. Just hope there is no anarchy in the neighboring country which in fact was a part of my homeland until 60 years ago. Considering the concept of global citizenship, I just wish there is peace and harmony everywhere.

Another person is our very own PJR or P. Janardhan Reddy, a politician from AP. Though I do not totally agree with his political affiliations (purely personal opinion), I admire him for the ability to get along with any group of the society and doing good for the people in the constituency. His sudden demise, infact just outside a political meeting which he was attending came as a shocker as I had not heard of his ill-health any time. I sure think this is a loss to many poor people who would have benefitted and his loss is undeniably is an irreplaceable one in the party for sure.

May their souls rest in peace.

Shoba De's Tips on Happiness :)

I saw this article by Shoba De in a social networking website, shared by an online community friend. I really liked the way it has been put across, so simple and easy and so contemporary. Nothing out of ordinary, everything put well together and showing a well sorted-out thought process. Must say, I agree with all of them and it is nice see them in words, things that we know but are just too lazy to put together and follow!!

1. Be selfish: If you dont give your own self priority, if you dont look after your health, appearance and well being, you cant make anyone around you happy either. Being constructively selfish is very different from being mean and self centred.

2. learn to let go: learn from it, but discard the negative emotion generated by the memory. it serves zero purpose

3. teach yourself to trust: agreed the world isnt the most amazing place, but it isnt all that terrible either. these days suspicion rules. but the minute you surrender your doubts and stop being cynical, you realize just how many wonderful ppl there are out there, who may actually risk their own lives to save yours

4. express gratitude; articulate your feelings when some does you a good turn.

5. slow down: there is nothing that compelling, nothing that cant be kept on hold

6. touch and go: really, thats all, one tiny touch before you get busy.

7. listen with your heart; cacophony has replaced conversation.

8. confide: betrayal can be devastating, but its still better to seek advice by sharing those troubling problems then living with a constant feeling of being choked.

9. shut up: keep quiet. not every argument needs a resolution

10: have a heart: this is about compassion, yes but on a more selfish level, it is about following your heart too.. if your heart isnt in what you do walk away. you cannot succeed in either a career or a relationship that your arent embracing- whole heartedly. imagine being stuck in a job or marriage that only gives your grief? what for, as the cliche goes, life is way to short to throw it away on activiites that are devoid of joy. the minute you opt for something or someone you love, you will succeed. the heart has its reasons-- as pascal wrote years ago, listen to it.

11. stop being a control freak:being reasonably organised is one thing, being obsessive about it another. so strive to find the right balance

12. count: to control your temper, to or before making any important decision

13. compliment ppl: why stinge on praise, who doesnt like to be appreciated walk up to the person who has earned your respect and say so , it costs nothing

14. music: it is the balm of the soul. it alone has the ability to calm, soothe, heal, restore and musc asks for nothing in return.

15. cry your eyes out: go on its such a great feeling theres nothing as destressing as a really good cry

16. extend help; if you find yourself in a situtation where your intervention whould lead to a positive outcome, go ahead and extend your hand. dont walk away when you see someone in distress

17. grow a garden; taking care of plants makes you feel responsible for life itself madness; agreed moolah helps, we all need money, but do we need to chase it at the cost of all else, health, family, fun, the only thing that can save us reconnecting with one another and our past

19. eat, drink and be merry; yep, but be sure you do so munus guilt, food- whether its comfort food or a gourmet meal-is the provider of elemenatary but immense pleasure. to remain indifferent to the everyday act of eating is to deny yourself a great source of happiness

20. learn to lose; it really ok to not win every single time. and its also ok to feel terrible when you lose. losing with grace is an art in itself. wins some, lose some, that s how it goes, and always will

21. sleep; catch your eight hours of sleep

22: dance: dancing for the love of dancing frees you from self consciousness, even if you think you lack the grace and rhythm to move to the music, who cares, you arent going to be judged, and you arent being watched, it s not naach baliye and you should tell yourself to just let go, whilr, twirl, jum and swirl.

23 embrace life: as the cliche goes, life is way too short to begin with, why fight when you can love, when you embrace life unconditionally, you value each and every moment. and when each moment becomes precious enought, you derive the maximum enjoyment out of it.

24. daan: charity does not begin and end with writing a fat cheque and sitting back smugly thinking youve done soemthing commendable. giving in the true sense goes beyond donating money it involves giving of yourself, sharing time and emotions, interests and ideas

25: just do it: impossible is nothing.. go just do it..dont waver to do things you want to get them done.

Dec 20, 2007

It Is True..

It is so true

... that life changes after marriage and you no longer are the same person to those around you nor are they to you.

... that priorities change and no matter how far you want to run away at times, you realize that this bond is going to be there forever and ever.

... that our very own blood relatives get you wrong some times and it is but obvious that someone else's will have their own doubts.

... that is okay to shout at and blast at times but it is impossible to take back what has come out at that time and it is better to watch out!!! drink loads of water to soothe yourself, all you end up is a few more trips to the toilet but are saved of taunts later on.

Random Musing!!

There is so much for me to say to myself and so much to focus on and regroup together but me being ME am trying to brush it under the carpet and hush my inner self up rather than acting on it.

Does this happen to everyone. Knowing fully well that there is something constructive to be done to make your life and living better but just letting it go and lazing around??? that lack of motivation and take-it-when-it-comes attitude???

Been There, Seen That!!

I had been to India for short while.. (ahhoo, ahhhoo) 45 full days :)and been there on my mom's retirement day, the day which is begininning for so many more to come with a new approach to life and new focus on things. Being there, I would never regret not being there ever and yes, I certainly have a different view point based on a lot of things out there. Wishing her a happy, healthy, and peaceful retired life!!

Unfortunately, the rest of my stay had been full of health-related issues dogging me one after the other and believe it or not I have lost 5-1/2 to 6 kgs in that period... awww.. I am glad I am slim but I look like a Somalia-returned person rather than one who had been to eat, enjoy, and have fun out there. Back here, my health is almost on track with gradual weight gain and a biiiiiiig reduction in my allergic cough, almost gone now. This visit left me wondering on a lot of things and yes, it certainly had been an eye-opener in many ways and had cleared out my mind on a lot of things.

One thing that really surprised me is how my body got used to the clean environment here and how it reacted to everything out there. The place I have grown up all my life and will stay for the rest of it is the place where I have taken a lot of time to get re-used to. Well, this scares me on the possibilities... awww, how will a kid born here adjust to the climate over there.. (no conclusions, not mine!!, just wondering in general).

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