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Dec 20, 2007

It Is True..

It is so true

... that life changes after marriage and you no longer are the same person to those around you nor are they to you.

... that priorities change and no matter how far you want to run away at times, you realize that this bond is going to be there forever and ever.

... that our very own blood relatives get you wrong some times and it is but obvious that someone else's will have their own doubts.

... that is okay to shout at and blast at times but it is impossible to take back what has come out at that time and it is better to watch out!!! drink loads of water to soothe yourself, all you end up is a few more trips to the toilet but are saved of taunts later on.


my life.... said...

actually quite a number of my married frenz also said that life changes after marriage. Now i am getting scared of marriage coz i hope to remain the same person as i am before and after marriage... i can t adapt to changes easily...

joy said...

yep life changes.........everything changes,its just not the same anymore n then come the kids n we reorganize the priorities n again life changes so much that v dont recognize ourselves anymore....we can never be the same......i donno abt men but i know i am not the same.....ME is the last thing on my list now...every once in a while it tries to wake up n i have to shrugg it off n u know what, all the time we dont even know how fast we change the time we want to recoup its gone.

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