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Dec 30, 2007

Summing it Up!!!

This is what I have been doing these days, thinking that is.. I have been wondering, as the year comes to a close what is that I have done and what is it that I intend to do in future. I have seen a lot of changes in life, been to a lot of new places and interacted with a whole lot of new people who now are a part of my life. I lived a whole new chapter in my life.. being someone's wife, living with someone who has been a stranger all the while and with whom my life is now intertwined.

Had initial hiccups in the relationship where everything seemed to have suddenly changed. I mean it is one thing to know a person for almost a year, be in touch with him over the phone and on the net for most of the time and totally a different thing staying together in person. That taken-for-grantedness and that realization when it dawns is a bit too much to take but as the fact sinks in and as time passes by you become more mature and everything falls into place, just like it has now (touchwood). There are these loads of new relations who are just trying to get used to you, the way you are trying to get used to them, lots of insecurities on both sides and a few misunderstandings and a few patchups and by the end of the year, it feels like that is what is life all about. Changes and getting used to those changes and coming out winners or just getting lost in the flow giving in to emotions. Luckily, I chose the first one and began to see things in a new perspective.

One thing that I have learnt is that you can never satisfy everyone at the same time, someone somewhere at some time or the other will have something or the other to point to and blame you, so why bother to be so nice to everyone when there is no need to. Just be yourself, do good, be good, and live the way you want to without stepping on someone else's life. If someone has a problem with it, it is his/her problem. Just learn to love yourself and take care of yourself.. 'cos if you dont love your own self, dont expect others would.. what say of my new funda???

The world will tell you who you are until you tell it yourself!!!

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Kalpana said...

Yes sush, life just changes. It's just your way to deal with it, anthe. Naadi anthe, changes alaa jaruguthune unnayi..;)

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