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Jan 31, 2008

Antarmadhanam !!! Internal Conflict!!

A few days ago, as part of some social networking community discussion, I happened to take part in a discussion on corruption and had seen quite a lot of people come out in open and criticize about the existing system but in spite of repeating time and again, only a few came forward with some resolution or some contribution from their end to put an end to it. Interesting, easy to blame but difficult to practice.. that discussion has set a pattern of discussion between me and caps these past few days and we both agree that as of now, there is nothing we can do and all we can do is take one step at a time and try and make the difference.. practice first and then preach others!!

We the same people in India give bribe to get our things done faster but when in US, we pay up taxes promptly, do not dare to bypass law, go within speeding limit, follow all the rules and regulations.. whereas back home, people hardly care about following them, 'cos they know even if they are caught they come out easily by paying up the concerned.. awwww.. and if I want to go by law, then I end up making 'n' number of rounds to the concerned authority.. siiiiiiiiiiiighh

I have not had association with actual American citizens after coming here but whatever little fraud that is committed and that I come to know of is done by other nationals by doing odd jobs on no-job visa status, and all I think of is.. we dont leave an opportunity anywhere.. sigh!!!! I have no right to criticize any individual but still, why do we resort for unaccounted money generation!!! why???

On that note, I dont see many card accepting shops in India, I can do nothing but gaze helplessly as my hard-earned white money turns black (unaccounted) if I refuse to buy something without a bill, I cant buy even basic necessities.. sad but true situation. Who says as a nation we are poor?? why is that ever since I can remember ours is a DEVELOPING nation?? why do some people still think we are from land of elephants and snake charmers in spite of a lot of high-paid white collar jobs beingours?? why????

These are a few things that I figured after a lot of brainstorming that might help

-- Have an equal pay scale for everyone or at least balance the monthly pay at least to cover the bare minimum necessities without having to resort to bribery. How can a common man afford to live without the s/w frills that have taken the cost of living way too high!!

-- Make education free of cost and give ample scholarships not based on caste system but based on economic conditions of the student.

-- If one needs to get things done faster, legalize it, put some fast-track or premium processing stuff for some extra cash that will go directly to the govt rather than filling individual pockets.

-- Give identity cards to each and every individual who earns or who gets benefits from the govt, similar to the SSN. Erase the minimum balance concept in the bank and help people open bank accounts and help regulate the circulation of money and gradually eradicate the black money altogether (biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hopes!!!)..

....but it is possible and we need a lot of social and economic reforms put in place and when I am still dreaming, I would want all the politicians to be from IIM.

When people say they are ashamed of India for its corruption and talk bad about it, it hurts me and I am ashamed of them and yes, I am ashamed of myself for not being able to do anything to make it a better world, but I promise myself I WILL make the difference.


Kalpana said...

Yes Sush, every individual must make a difference. Naaku nee 3,4 and 5th points baaga nachchaayi. 1st pointlo naa opinion entante, equal pay undaali ante baaga kashtapadaali. arhatha undaali. ala entha mandi unnaru? easyga dabbu sampadincheddamu ani anukune valle thayaravuthunnaru. manam manam work chese company lo ne thotti raajakiyalu jaruguthaayi. enni chudaledu. s/w mundu lenappudu kuda, bribery baane undedi. ippudu out of control avuthundi. so, manadariki education unte saripodu, self realization prati manishiki important, then ivanni thaggumukham padathaayi.
2nd point lo maathram, oka feeling, scholarship worth people ke ivvali, with no caste feelings. nuvvu ade cheppavu. education free of cost, ikkade my thoughts are going somewhere...... purvam lo(sages) education andariki samanam ga undedi with no cost. later chaduvu ayyaka evariki thochindi vallu gurudakshina ani ichchevaallu. kaani ippudu, munde dakshina(fee) theesukuntunnaru samanamga, inka ivvagalgithe donation daani peru. ila ayyindi mana education system. ee kalamlo govt and private schools unnayi. so, I think in only govt schools, free of cost possiblity untundi. since jeetham teachers ki govt valle isthaaru kabatti. For private, vallu thinaali and teachers ki jeetham ivvali kabatti, no way FREE term can be used(vaallu svathahaaga help chesthe thappa). so, emaina implement chesthe govt valle chudaali ante prathi studentni chadivinchaali(free of cost without child labour where health, food, water, cleanliness with eduation must be provided).
hey, ekkuvainda koncham..........;)

Sree said...

geee.. konchem kaduley, mana emotions konchem baganey ekkuvayyayi but i am sure we will give it our best!! and yeah chadukovatam manesi chaduvu konatam eppudo modalettesam manam :(

Kalpana said...

avunu sush...........

Apple said...

Free education and identity cards manchi points sushma...migathavi kooda anuko...Free education gurinchi start chesthe mana govt cheppe modati reason manaki antha funds levu ani....ela vuntaayi cheppu blackmoney bayataki raakapothe...this is where identification comes into picture..SSN laaga id number vunte prathi manishi irrespective of his cader karchu pettina and sampadinchina prathi roopayiki transperency vasthe appudu aa vachina funds use cheyochanipisthundi....Sivaji movie choosaka ila anipinchindi...idi entha varakoo achievable anedi matram pedda question

Satish Bolla said...

ammayya, mothaaniki naa laaga aatma ghosha kaligina vaallu inka unnaranna maata. happy to read this thoughtful article. free education and scholarships based on economic status are some of my long standing dreams. i hate even the reservation system in education and jobs. from 1999, i was keenly following all the politicians press releases but never heard anything interesting about the above issues. i hope the netas open their eyes to lead our country towards a true development path

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