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Jan 30, 2008

Jab They Split!!

Happened to see Jab We Met the other day starring Kareena and Shahid, must say it was a nice feel good movie and looking at the chemistry between the two of them or the excess from Kareena's end, I was a little curious as to what went wrong between them.

I am not real gossip, gossip-py person but must admit that I am curious and used to read a lot of movie magazines like Stardust, Tinsel Town, Movie, etc. before coming to US and liked to keep an update on who is doing what :) (well, I do have my own vices, not a saint you see) at the same time I am not downright cheap as to speak whatever I want to about a person and mainly assassinating character sort of talk when in a group, read, kill curiosity before it killed me, and keep it to myself, and that too stopped after coming here.

Well, coming to the actual thought process that triggered this post, I always had doubts as to how long this would last right from the outset, she seemed much older and louder and wilder than the cute, baby-faced, innocent looking Shahid but I had to admit that after I have seen these guys on Koffee with Karan where these were the only couple that won 10 on 10 on their likes and dislikes when they were questioned separately, I thought maybe I am wrong, they indeed had common interests and would join the league of happily married ever after movie couples. Now, I dont really know the facts but seeing them split, she moving on with Saif, Saif with a tattoo of her name, and Shahid seemingly looking like a dumped puppy (dont even know if it is the opposite), I feel a little sad, no matter who tried to change who and who felt restless and lost in this whole thing.

Well I never really thought I would feel like this when they split which I always secretly wished for no particular reason...

Why do celebrity marriages or live-ins which I appreciate so much go wrong??

Amir and Rina
Saif and Amrita

I guess being under constant public glare and scrutiny most the times must be getting on to their nerves... phew!!!


Kalpana said...

heheheeeeeee, mana ee curiousity ne TV vallu cash chesukuntunnaaru..................;)

Satish Bolla said...

evarainaa celebs kalisi public gaa kanipisthe chaalu, mana media vaallu boledu hype create chesthaaru. aa celebs kuda maa madhya nijamgaa undedho anukunetantha scene create avuhundhi. manamemo mana intilo edho jaruguthunnattu feel aipoyi thega aa news ni follow aipothaam. indhulo evaridhi thappu antey manamemi cheppalemu gaa.....[:(]
anyways, in these days, many marriages are breakin up. but the news comes only of celebrities. can't help

Sree said...

@Caps: gee.. you made me feel guilty.. but kya karey control hi nahi hota :).

@Satish: true.. that is human tendency kada, i mean saying non-existent stuff over a million times and they get used to the idea but real self analysis jarigaka split.. maybe that is how it works!!

joy said...

wow did not know abt that....but they are just like any of us....did we never fight with friends and break up ...crushes whom we thought might be real and then find he is not the happens all the time to everyone...but the celebs get noticed.

Satish Bolla said...

you are right about ur comment on me. god save the media.....

madhu said...

hi sushma my thoughts are also same in this issue.completely thought like u

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