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Jan 28, 2008

On Blog, Blogging and More :)

"Racing Thoughts" has been my best buddy for the past almost a couple of years. Much as I am a celebration person I have not really celebrated any of the landmarks of this baby, i.e., no birthdays, no 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, posts.. yup!! put together in all my offspring blogs, I finished more than 250 posts.. phew!! I sure use up a lot of cyberspace :).

When I think back as to why I blog and what I actually accomplish by blogging, my blog provides me with a few moments of glory.. well, I mean, people do come and read and be kind enough to comment and give in their view point. I have seen people raise hell and high water about bad, rude, scary comments, but thank God, I have been lucky so far. Mostly maybe because this blog is not tremendously popular, it has only limited regular visitors and once in a while random visitors, who just find boring rambling about I, Me, Myself, nothing controversial, not very aggressive stuff, just about me and my little pleasures and pains.

This blog satiates my hunger to write and see my writing in print media, well I just cannot imagine who else would publish my idle blabber for the world to see if they want to. I am not a responsible journalist answerable to the society, I need not submit any thesis or high-funda technical stuff for others to follow, I just write what I feel like and as long as it does not invade anyone else's private life, hurt anyone individual's or a group's sentiments, it is not a potential trigger of some unforeseen violence, and most of all as long as my conscience is clear, I can write anything. It gives me the freedom of expression, which at times is stifled under the mask of goodness, good manners, and a whole lot of other factors in life.

This space has been exclusively mine, never letting me down, just standing there a mute witness to all my venting out, my jubilation, my melancholy, every single moment and every single emotion. Beginning as an aid to focus my thoughts and develop my English and written skills in general, then graduating to an online journal to my real life buddies, to making new friends out here, I have come a long way. I have a few favorite blogs, a few regular bloggers, who have become a part of my life, just like everything else around me, about whom I know a lot more than my next-door neighbor or even a casual friend of mine. I admire their guts to spill out everything and wish I can manage that but am content with where I am right now.

With my job starting this 4th, I need to be more organized and not idle along aimlessly in this ever-tempting, time-eating blog world. I need to plan my day and time real well, so that caught in the whirlpool of emotions and work, I dont lose out on the very essence of life, LIVING it, that is. So, getting the blogger out of its routine template and trying out the new look, with some added in features like blogrolling, etc. I am giving myself a visual treat :).

Wish me luck guys!! Do let me know how this baby looks after the makeover :).


Kalpana said...

Hey, chaala baagundi nee blog............inka emaina add cheyalante chesuko side bar lo, for urself. Something u would love to do and all stuff.......Hey, aa ding di pani chesthundi..........:)

Pri said...

first o all...congratulations on getting this far and not letting the enthusiasm fade...
i sincerely appreciate that in a person :)
secondly it has always been a pleasure reading u...though i seem to comment after long gaps due to my not having a blogroll and irregular blog-hopping habits ...
and yaa ur blogging for all the right who cares about publicity anyways??...
we blog because it feels good---class dismissed!

take care
and may u reach many more landmarks to come!:)

Apple said...

New layout rocks dear...Good luck with your job ahead....

joy said...

hey congrats on ur 250 and also for your new job and the makeover is nice.

Satish Bolla said...

all i can say is "lage raho". keep the good work going

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