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Jan 14, 2008

Sankranthi In US

Had been to TAMA Sankranthi Celebrations - 2007 celebrated in Meadow Creek High School, it had been a masti evening being among the people from our very part of the globe out here in this western world because of varied personal reasons coming together and keeping alive our traiditions and culture and our values which seem to be at an all-time low even back home.

This is our second time at such an event and though not as much power-packed and punch-filled as the previous time, it was a different flavor (kiddie stuff).. too many kids hardly able to stand and concentrate for a while breaking into jigs and dancing and stopping on the stage and then restarting :), it had a charm of its own. It is really a joy to see these kids dancing as young yamas and apsaras, gopikas, golla bhamas, struggling with their costumes and lip sync but yet giving in their best shots on stage.

The traditional kuchipudi and bharth natyam performances by the artists were a treat to the huge dance-form fan like me, though both of them were in a class of their own I loved the co-ordinated performances in "krishna Shabdam" as I was able to comprehend the meaning, mostly because it was about the naughty krishna :).

After the aah, ooh, choo chweet performances by the kids and the kiddie sweet overdose, the actual tapori in me got satisfied by the final performance of the day, a near flawless performance by a group of teenagers, a masti dance number medley of Hamma Hamma and Mukkala Muqabla.. and finally my urge to yell, scream, clap, and shout "once more" got satisfied. (I am one total tapori from inside, dont go by my traditional exterior ;))

In all, it was an entertaining evening and time well spent amongst the fellow countrymen out here trying to make a difference in their own to keep in touch with their own roots and letting the generation-next born here (technically US citizens) know of our rich and varied heritage.

Well, at times like these I dont really miss India (yeah I know that rolling of eyes and thinking typical desh-drohi getting used to comforts here) but the fact is, I no longer blame these guys for making a home here. I am proud of them respecting our nation wherever they are and in turn making the world respect us.


Apple said...

Looks like u guys had a great time...Happy Sankranthi dear...

Kalpana said...

you must have enjoyed a lottttttttttt for sure.

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