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Jan 17, 2008

Snow Time!!

Well, I have as a child or even as an adult thought that US means snow and more snow in winter and snow is fun and snow is this and snow is that.. even envied those who could play with the snow flakes and make the snow balls and what not :).

After coming to US, I was a little disappointed that our climatic zone is not a regular snow area and wanted to see snowfall at least once before going back to India for good. Yesterday was kind of an answer to my long-time snow dream. I had a fun-filled evening and for a change OH had a lot of fun too but you know, in a more dignified manner. We were the only crazy people out trying to enjoy the snow without caps or gloves or proper layered clothing.. just going with the mad flow that okay lets enjoy before this one stops.. and it was out and out masti time for me with my friend coming out too, had fun making the snowman.. eerrr.. snow scarecrow, rather and then throwing balls of snow at each other and just trying to catch the snow flakes with the tongue.. I was in a different world altogether and after 2 hours of masti, retreating back to a hot shower and tucked in for good sleep.

Snow is good, it is beautiful, wonderful, and marvelous but only in moderation and only on holidays when no one has to go to office on those slippery roads or have to clean the walkways and cars and all to get into them and to get them started..


Apple said...

Even I love snow fall Sush...Salt Lake City is known for its greatest snow fall in the US..enjoyed snow to the fullest...your snowman is far better than mine ;)

La vida Loca said...

First snow experience is always awesome!

Satish Bolla said...

even i have "playing in snow" as a childhood dream. lucky sush and apple, u even built a scare-crow, errrr snowman

Krishna Kumar said...

thank you for visiting my blog and posting your valuable comment...and I'm pretty happy that my blog started to travel its way...

Kalpana said...

hey, adi kukka pilla la undi............... ;).......... Happy that you had masti time. :)

Pri said...

woww..that sounds fun!!
wish we could have some pictures other than the melting snowman ;)

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