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Jan 27, 2008

Together and One up!!

This one is long pending. Blogging, as I have always felt, is really therapeutic, in the sense, when I choose a particular topic or feel like writing on it, I tend to focus on that, at least that short amount of time that I spend articulating what I feel makes me put things in the correct perspective.

A year into marital bliss or blast or whatever (has been both in the past year thanks mostly to my temper outbursts and irritable mood swings.. phew!!) , it is time to look back and see how I fared, learn my lessons, and take it from there for the betterment.

How much ever I want to resist change, the fact is that sad or happy, good or bad, I am no longer the person that I used to be before the D-day and am sure neither is the OH. We have taken our baby steps, faltering at times, waddled a lot initially, had adjustment-resistance syndrome, had that "you ruined my life moments", had those "aaww, so special marvelous moments", had seen a lot of new places together, had stayed without each other for a while, and slowly but gradually our gait is stronger and stable. In short, we tested ourselves to the maximum possible extent and have settled into that peaceful acceptance mode (touch wood) which is good for the sake of sanity.

-- Staying together and knowing each other for a long time are two different things, nothing prepares you for the reality. We no longer care to dress and get ready just for each other, no longer mask our feelings not to hurt other's feelings and give in easily to anger or emotion.

-- Mutual trust and understanding is a gradual process and expecting that everything will be just the same as it was before wedding and expecting that the other person read one's thoughts and not doubt the noble intentions from the day one just does not happen!!

-- Friction with the influx of a whole lot of new relations, all at once, in life is a MUST. We are brought in two different families combined with a mind of our own, so it is but natural that there are disagreements and misunderstandings, and mis-communications both between the couple and the couple's respective families. It is up to one mature group to give in for the moment and not bother about setting the offensive party right. Expecting total blind acceptance and trust from his/her part of the family and being hurt in the process, might put a dent in the glass but it is up to us not to let it shatter. Family is a priority but it is the new couple that has to start a family of their own and hence just ignore the rest as long as you both are fine with each other. Everything will fall into place, patience is the key!!

-- Unconditional love, loads of patience, anger management, lots of effort is what makes a marriage a good one.

-- If we survived the rocky first year, we are meant to be together forever (touch wood), so take it carefully from here :).


Kalpana said...

Well said, Sush.......... "Expecting one to read other's thoughts" not that impossible, but it takes lottt of can take for years toooooooo ;)

Satish Bolla said...

Hey Sush, all the best. Will note down some points from this article.

La vida Loca said...

heyy well said!
I agree with all u said

Sree said...

@Caps.. no probs we have whole life ahead, so can try at our own pace :).

Satish and LVL: :)

joy said...

every year...actually every moment is different in a marriage...we grow together love each other more times even the gaps grow bridges or get prongs all depends on us ...both of us

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