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Jan 30, 2008

Where Are We Going!!!

TV9 or TV5 or ETV2 or whatever.. what is the local media in AP up to??? I hardly understand anything any longer. Why are they more focused on what is happening in celebrity households than what is actually happening in the state.

Why are movie star's kids' weddings taking up most of the airtime than the more concerning issues?? Why is an eloped couple given more importance than a person dying without proper medical assistance outside a government hospital? Why cant they expose a corrupt official or a criminal with the same fervor.

When they say they show any person who comes to the channel, seeking protection and exposure why is it that only celebrity kids or celebrities enjoy that privilege? Why is a common man not given that opportunity. To date, I have not seen a non-famous person getting this kind of protection or publicity in any of these channels. When the channels say they are bringing awareness among people what is it?? Showcasing crime and corruption with anchors giving the programs a feel of horror/thriller rather than something to do with reality and social issues. God!! All I can say is give me a BREAK!!

Where has the good old journalism gone? Where is educating the public and letting them know about the happenings gone?? Looks like the media is busy creating the sensational news rather than covering the events. What the hell is wrong with you guys!!! and most of all why is the public taking it all..

Been there a few days ago in Hyd and all I see in the so called numbered channels is the replay of only one news, either showing the same clip over and over and over or put it in the flash scroll below on the screen, until another sensational news comes in. Why is there a hype on anything and everything that spells ad revenue?? and why are we lapping it up.

Some unnecessary events thus telecast that got my goat are that of Arthi Agarwal's suicide first and then the hush-rush wedding, Chiranjeevi daughter's wedding, NBK and CBN family wedding, Chiranjeevi's daughter's elopement, now the latest Dr. Rajasekhar and Jeevitha issue, agreed it was scary, your voice has been heard by the entire nation, just stop it now!! The last one broke the last straw of my patience.. what the hell is wrong with all of you??

The Controversy Goes Here

The latest sensational news in making is whether Chiranjeevi is joining the politics or not, when why and with whom?? God!! give that man a break!! announcing a party or getting politics is not some secret. When they do it, which they might or might not, the press and public will be the first people to know, why harass that poor man and drag him in to so many controversies?? Contemplating is fine but beyond a point it is pure harassment. We all will get to know in due time. I am not his follower or admirer, just an onlooker. Why not let an individual lead his own life and let him do things at his own pace? Why drag the most personal things into public and most of all what do we get humiliating a person in public. If either pro or anti groups want to make some good out of it, they will be having a field day!!

And coming to the fanatic fan following!! This guy has some tremendous following but is it acceptable when the affection and devotion towards a person spells doom to anyone who dares to even speak against him?? I am beginning to feel sorry for this guy whose sole duty these days seems to be apologizing on behalf of his fans or requesting his fans to calm down and take things easy.

The way I see the assault episode, it was blown way out of proportion.. I have a lot of questions unanswered??

Where did the channels get the footage from?
When the actor's cabin in the train was attacked why was there no police protection all the way back to his home when he reached Hyd?
If it were real Chiru fans, who organize blood donating drives, etc., will they bring a blemish to their idol by dragging him to such a mess?
Why will these guys who did that knowing fully well that with the video and photo evidence of events might go to jail or face legal consequences, go to such an extent.

Tt seems to me it is a set-up or a staged incident and everything is not as it looks on the surface but I am not able to point the finger, where??

Sadly enough, all the while, I thought the duty of the media was to help me, or the common public, point and figure out that WHERE rather than confusing us all the more!!!

Pic Courtesy: Photobucket, Joblessjosh


Kalpana said...

nuvvu cheppindi correct ee...... antha commercialized ayipoyindi prapancham. mana media ee kadu...around the world ee media aina anthe. fame tho patu ilaanti kashtaalu untaayi veellaki. oka question adagaali anipisthundi naaku.... are we listening to ourselves? manaki manchedo thelusu, but thelisi okkosaari mistakes jaruguthaayi. then intha mandi rakarakaala manushulu cherithe, this is what happens. bhayam tho konnintini aapavachchu, kani maravalasindi manishi. The solution can be edaina oka law/chattam raavali veellaki. aa chattanni/law ni sarigga amalu parachaali then only these will stop.

Krishna Kumar said...

Initially tv9 started was doing an absolute media job...but it was not acknowledged by common people..they want some hot nd spicy news like what soap does trisha uses...what is pant size of to get their attraction towards their tv channel..they started doing these nasty things...

i think I've posted the fact...if not please ignore this

Sree said...

@caps: sadly, it is true :(.

@KK: Started well but fizzed out is no excuse naanna, try and expose the crime, be persistent, dont get sold out is what I would say to these guys!!

Satish Bolla said...

no comments on this article. asalu tv pedithe chaalu, idhe vishayam meedhe boledu comments/gossip. so manam special gaa ivvalsina avasaram ledhu. time waste

Krishna Kumar said...

but whatever it u said media should to its suitable scenario...

Sree said...


It is not about that controversy in totality, it is about the media, why is not letting us figure out by providing information and motivation, but forcing us with so much of unnecessary information.


Yup, they NEED to do their duty :)

Apple said...

A well laid post sush...Media vallaki ippudu kavalsindi TRP RATING...all that matters to them is their channel popularity..CAPS cheppinattu manam maaraali mundu....Ayesha meera murder case vine vuntaavu nuvvu...aa case gurinchi nijalu veliki theesi channello program vesthe evaru choostharu...evari daako enduku nene konchem choosi bore ani channel maarchesthanemo..ade celebrity ante manaki adoka aa programs alantivi telecast chesi TRP ratings penchukodame veella pani...janaalu aa channel choodakunda vunte TRP ratings ela peruguthaayi..manam choodakunda manesi eppudu daani ratings padipoyela chesthamo appudu they'll stop these anipisthundi naaku...

Sree said...

need to bring out a mass revolution.. i guess!!

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