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Feb 19, 2008


Bliss is...

to be able to get up early in the morning and sit and enjoy the sunrise and chirping birds with early morning dew drops and aroma of bru coffee wafting around..

to be able to curl up tucked up cozily in bed reading your favorite book and feeling that occasional cold when turning the pages :).

to see my grandfather give his biiiiiiiiiiiiiig single-tooth grin :)).. I love him all the more 'cos he is alone after ammamma.

to listen to your favorite music and sing along loudly with it with no inhibitions giving in to the moment.

to be able to sleep in my ammamma's lap and listen to her wise words.

to just see a kid give a toothless grin and get that energy to sail through your day and even your life.

to go on a long drive as a passenger and look at the clear blue sky with occasional clouds, spring blooms all around and fall leaves on the road :).

to see a person smile in his/her sleep.

to see a laborer working all day in hot sun and do not hesitate to spend that money on the kid's candy..

to shut up and go to sleep now :).

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Kalpana said...

it's everyone's bliss raa........:)

Srujana said...

Truly beautiful!!!!!

SK said...

Very sweet!! :--))

Satish Bolla said...

hello, idhi nee okkari sotthe kaadhu. maaku kuda same feelings. jus kidding... ;)

Apple said...

Same pinch :)

my life.... said...

Hey Sush, its a nice way of expressing bliss... Seeing someone smile and making them laugh is a bliss...

La vida Loca said...

i agree with ya

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