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Feb 6, 2008

Factual Fiction Series - FF2

They go to a theater for the much touted movie Sakhi, take the tickets for Box in one of the city's famous theaters, get Box A, seats 3 and 4. They being them, in all enthusiasm did not notice the box number and get into Box B and claim the seats 3 and 4, almost having a fight with the occupants making them leave in just plain frustration... after a few minutes, the original occupants come back with the manager, showing them the box number clearly on their tickets..

Without a word, almost trying to hide their faces with their chunni's and mumbling sorries, they go to their actual seats and watch the movie and come out just before the end titles, so as not to face the OO's again!!

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Kalpana said...

good, kadalu rasthunnavu...........

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