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Feb 5, 2008

Factual Fiction Series!! - FF 1

Inspired by Itchy's Factual Fiction, I had been wanting to do this since long.. I mean put together tiny tidbits that may or not be straight of my life events but I had read or noticed or visualized.. err.. you got the gist!! My observations, small beginnings in the world of writing :).

She wakes up at around 2 a.m. and could not fall back to sleep again how much ever she tried. Could not push back the thoughts in her mind that were racing to nowhere in particular taking away her sleep and her peace of mind with it.

After she gives in to the moment and goes with the flow for more than an hour, listening to the constant deep rhythmic breath of her husband next to her, with a slight movement, he puts his arm around her and adjusts his head in the crook of her shoulder with a sudden smile on his face and goes back to his deep slumber.

Then comes an imaginary balloon on her head with angel wings and a halo, which makes her realize that there are 'N' number of things that might be wrong at the moment and 'N' number of things that could possibly go wrong and there is nothing that she can change but lose the moment, that of peace and love and silence. She turns around looks at the angelic face of her husband in sleep, has a smile on her face and slowly relaxes and falls asleep counting her blessings!!

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