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Feb 6, 2008

Innalki Gurtocchaana Vaana :)!!

I have always liked rain, especially when I happen to be indoors!! enjoying the rain on greenery outside is the one of the nature's best features.

I have a lot of memories attached with rain. As a child I remember sitting on the beds or a place where it was not raining through the roof at my granny's place, placing bowls and buckets under the leaks, walking through the rooms with an umbrella and having lots of fun, irritating the elders who were trying to shift along things so as not to be drenched. It was fun back then but now when I remember my granny running around trying to protect the cupboards with tarpoline sheets with tears in her eyes thinking about the cleaning that needs to be done the next day, it breaks my heart and makes me give my thanks to God for providing me with a leak-less roof on my head and say a silent prayer for those who still are in that state. Memories such as that make me appreciate the life that I have now more than ever.

It is strange what thoughts certain things trigger, when I think about those homeless people, trying to find shelter from cold and rain, praying for the rain to stop so that they go and earn their daily bread, it just makes me wonder at the inequalities in our world that we the people create. The same rain, I enjoy with a hot cup of coffee with something hot to munch on; to someone it means good crop; to some a filled lake; to the government, it is a balanced economy; to a street urchin, it is a mess; to a person stuck in traffic, with puddles and open drains threatening, it is a mess too!!!

I dont know where I picked it up or when I tasted my first ice-cream in rain but I HAD to have an ice-cream, preferably King-Cone from Quality when it used to rain way back since I can even remember, definitely not triggered off by movies 'cos I can date it back way back to my school days. I gave up ice-cream, the thing I loved the most, in memory of my granny on her 10th-day ceremony, and dont know when this happened but when I had been forced to eat a bite or two after that on some occasions, I dont have that craving feeling anymore.. more than me my body and subconscious mind gave up on it I guess.

It is raining in Atlanta after long, raining real good and now that I am aware of the may-be drought like situation and less water resources, I want it to rain a lot, filling in all the lakes. In telugu there is a saying Annadaata Sukhibhava, I pray that the nation that is providing me with surplus, also stay surplus!!!

Pic Courtesy: Photo Bucket picture by p3ngoc2


Apple said...

UK vacheyyi sushma...prathi rojoo varshame ikkada...I was crazy abt rain whilst in India...but not now...Have loads of fun and tons of King Cones :)

Krishna Kumar said...

US and UK road condition ki...rainfall enjoy cheyocchu...kaani Indian..especially ma nellore road lalo varsham padithe...maa body anta burada mayam..and maa college anta chatta mayam...and koncham varsham pedadi iythe..maa college jalamayam...maku vimukti mayam!!

Kalpana said...

hey, I too experienced those water leaks in my childhood........bhale saradaaga undedi avi chusthunte intlo. mom bucket/mug pettedi. hahha daani chuttu thirige vallam chinnapudu saradaagaa.........a funny experience. varsham ante naaku bhale ishtam, but daanitho thippalu kuda thappavu......... ;).

Satish Bolla said...

Idhigo, mallee naaku nacchedhi copy kottesaav. Varsham antey naakentha piccho engg lo naa frnds ni adagaali. inka ice creams antaava, manalne chuse "athonokkade" movie lo aa vaana-icecream link add chesi hit kottesaademo ani appudappudu oka bulli doubt.
monna india vacation ki vellinappudu, oka 5 days fully gaa varsham. appudu manam cbz meedha vizag beach road aa mula nundi ee mula varaku thega thirigesaam. janaalu picchi vaadini chusinattu chusaaru. but vaallakemi telusu andhulo unna majaa?

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