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Feb 16, 2008

Juicy Juice!!

A little time and a little effort yields a 100 times better tasting and healthier drink than the canned juice :).. Had almost forgotten the taste of fresh squeazed juice when syam's cousin got us hooked back on it and yummm.. fell in love with juice all over again :).. so Thanks Mama Sri from S and S :).


Krishna Kumar said...

juice okka glass enta...and with ice,without ice ithe enta...??

Sree said...

maa intikostey free.. road meeda tagitey 10 rs or 20 rs/- with germs free ;).. mee intlo chesukuntey konni calories burn ;)

Krishna Kumar said...

sare mee inthi juice free annav ga...aithe naaku ki attach chesi mail pampu...nenu ikkada download chesi tagestha... :)))

Kalpana said...

yes, eppudaina fresh juice ee health ki manchidi.........

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