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Feb 16, 2008

OH.. my Valentine..

This is what we are, me and OH, two very different individuals. I sometimes wonder how we get along thinking along drastically different view points :) but somehow we seem to have a calming effect on each other and if we could spend the one year together, then I think we are meant to BE.

Well, coming to the way I celebrated my Valentines Day, was working so could not cook much, took a 3-hr break, went to target to get a cake, either too big or too gaudy, so decided to bake my brownie mix as usual and prepared a simple meal with readymade Parampara mix Nawabi Chicken, Biryani, and Gulab Jamun (the less you ask me about it, the better :)))

This time around, in stead of feeling sad that the OH will not bring anything for me, I got 2 cards one for him to give me too, some wifey I am ;), the one who has determined not to let anything including the OH ruin my happYness!!

Every year, I celebrate by calling all my friends, relatives and wishing them but this time, I did not feel like, did have neither the enthu nor the energy that does not mean I love them any less but I guess I have toned down over the years.


Apple said...

hahaha...buying 2 cards for both of you is the highlight sush..I like it...

Kalpana said...

Hey sush, nenu oka konte pani chesa ee saari thelusaa........Nenu, maa cousin, pakkana hotel ki vellamu. Akkada Valentine's day special ga Red Rose isthunnaru andariki. So, both me and my cousin got a rose. Ippudu, rendu roses ayyayi. So, emi chesaanu ante, Hem ki oka rose ichchi inko rose naaku immannaanu.........;).....hahaha, hem bhale impress ayyaru, thanks cheppi.........since he could'nt make it as he was too late to home on that day. He was happy........:)..........kontha sepu tharavatha, jariginadhi antha cheppa, comedy ee comedy..........hahaha.........oka memorable one chesesaa.............heheheeeeeee ;)

Madhavi said...

The idea of getting 2 cards is wonderful. If all the wives in the world will think like you in all walks of life then there would be no space for any quarrels between a couple.

I will use this formula on all occassions from now onwards.

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