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Feb 7, 2008

Pani.. Paata

Work sure does bring some discipline into life, I get up in the morning, take bath before 8 and get ready for my day.. well, well, that is a miracle considering that there was a time after coming to US when I did not even wake up at 8.. good going!! Falling into the routine and getting into good form will certainly take some time but as of now, I have a sore neck looking at the desktop screen after long, foot pain using the pedal, and headache after continuous listening to the files, but a satisfaction that nothing else can bring and the thought of not just lying around like another piece of furniture is heaven!!

The house and the chore routine is a chaos at the moment.. the dinner which used to be at 6 or 7 p.m. max is a little delayed and the items are from the fridge and not the stove top. Sometimes, I wonder if it is all worth it, but YES it really is as it boosts my self-confidence and keeps me from ruining my life with self-pity or thoughts of self-destruction. Even when not working, I am not a parasite because managing a home is not a simple task, but somehow working and getting paid, however, little it is, gives me more pleasure even if there are little pains associated with it.

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Kalpana said...

yup sush, intlo pani eppudu thakkuva kaadu. chesthu unte....vasthu stop........ but still, we need to do something for our SELF.......chaala important......chaala satisfaction isthundi, manaku nachchina pani manam chesthe..............

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