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Feb 19, 2008


How does one deal with an unreasonable person just waiting to pick up a fight and has made up his/her mind just to say contradictory things to whatever you take a stand on??

How does one react when the only thing the other person does is pick your faults and is never appreciative of all the efforts you put in the relationship??

How does one even bear to stay with a person who doubts each and every intention of yours to an ulterior motive??

How does one deal with calm and peace when the only thing the other person does is walk over you??

These are a few questions that I want to question myself putting myself into those situations and question others who I admire and appreciate for the way they conduct their life. I am really beginning appreciate the couples who have major breakdowns time to time and let the steam out of the relationship and stay happy.. earlier, I used to wonder how come they fight like cats and dogs and still be together now I understand they are together only because they fight like cats and dogs and not kill each other with silent doses of unknown.. why, what, and how???

What say?? If you are reading it I would appreciate you de-lurking and clearing my thoughts and let me see your view points too!!!

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Kalpana said...

LOVE.......... ade pedda maaya....... it will let you know the meaning of patience........ but till when? only, TIME can give an answer...

Altoid said...

The hardest part is for a third person to understand how much and why another person will and does put up with all these type of characteristics. It all depends on how much one is vested in such a relationship, the love factor, the tolerance and how much one is willing to give up/give in. All these determine how far one will go, when that factor goes down to zero, any person will find a way out. Its not possible to judge when and why anyone should walk out or shouldnt. Again, I only speak from personal experience, some people are known to tolerate a lot more than others, out of social obligation or fear of the unknown.

Satish Bolla said...

i think there's still time for me to answer these questions(or maybe i am too immature) as i lost a partner too early and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next after a horrendous rehab.

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