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Feb 12, 2008

Ye Kya Hua.. Kab Hua, Kaise Hua, Kyun Hua???

I am nothing if not a shopping freak amongst others.. but this weekend when we rented a car as usual for grocery shopping and general roaming around, I was a little shocked at my own reluctance to shop.. well, it is good if this phase continues. Earlier, if I had to buy just a salt tin from Target, even when I knew where it exactly is, I used to walk around each and every aisle once, do R and D on what are the different products available in different sections and what are the brands, etc., etc., and initially when I was jobless, walking around in Target and Michaels, would be my favorite passtime and I would be really happy, not by buying but just watching and walking around. These days, I dont have that inclination to go and walk around, I need to push myself to do even the basic shopping... am I ageing rapidly.. dunno this one is good but I feel that I am gradually losing interest in everything one after the other as the time passes by.. at this rate, a few years down the line this me typing this post would be history.. is it alarming?? the lack of interest, i.e.

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joy said...

hey its so normal..dont panic like that..we change with time and so do our thoughts and interests...all my life i never liked cooking but now i am so mad about baking and trying new dishes...and i do know this isn't forever..this is life always changing.nothing but change is constant.

Apple said...

I can identify myself in your post sush...btw tagged you...:)

Kalpana said...

hey, idi common raa.........I too feel sometimes.........oka pani cheyyi, edaina koththa shop ni explore cheyyi, interest ade vasthundi automatic gaa........roju velle daaniki velthe ilaage untundi........

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