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Mar 25, 2008

Amazingly Refreshing..

It is amazing how little changes and a bringing in a little discipline into life makes t refreshing all over. This past fortnight, I have not been working really well and looked like the 5-week zinx is catching up fast with my work. Last time too I had to resign after 5 weeks and this time, I had this terrible earache thanks to which I could not do my job. Gradually, once my earache got alright, the lazy bug caught me and I was way too reluctant to go back to the work life.. so yours truly decided to pull the strings back up, took a few steps to perform Satya Narayana Puja in the temple (long pending mokku, bribe or promise to God that I will perform it when I get my EAD and start the job). Me, being the superstitious soul that I am, attributed my lack of motivation as gentle reminder from God and set into action, so next month 19th is the scheduled date in Riverdale temple.

With that done and some changes made the arrangement of the house, I feel all energized and enthusiastic. I get bored seeing the same decor for a long time, need to change them a little to get that fresh feel.. Variety is the spice of life you see ;).. my saying this would lead OH to wonder if I would be changing him too.. so before you guys jump to the same conclusion, it is restricted just to the interior arrangement of furniture and nothing else..

With this, I worked real fast today and felt so fresh and active (I know it is all in the mind).. looks like the spring is having its impact on my moods :) gradually but certainly.

I want this enjoying work phase to last a lot longer so I take this "dishti chukka" from K's mom before some buri nazar happens ;).

Edited To Add:: The Kala Tika is from Dot's mom as acknowledged by K's Mom :).


Apple said...

I understand how refreshing it'ld be when u change all the interior dec @ home..I do the same when I get bored seeing the same old set up..elago bore kottina prathi sari kotha illu kavaali ani adagananduku maa ayana kushi ayipothadu..;)

Satish Bolla said...

mokku theerchukovatam marchipoyaavaa??? very very bad. u asked god for something and god gave it you. now, u've to stick to ur word u've given to god.
btw, nenu ivannee pedhagaa pattinchukonu... ;)

Kodi's Mom said...

totally agree with rearranging the furniture, been wanting to do that for a little while now, just for the refreshing feeling!
and hey, the kala tika is dotmom's idea :)

Kalpana said...

Good, puja baaga cheyyi....... :).
Manchi time pass, and mind refreshing kada, alaa interior maarusthaa unte...

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