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Mar 3, 2008

And Here I Present ...

Just the other day, I was doing this post on my blog hops. Kiran has been on my list since I found her on my random hops :). I dont think I can explain how much I like her hilarious but thought-provoking take on a various issues.. and this is she talking on some issues that make sense with loads of sensibility :)..

I have always wanted to see a person I read almost regularly in person but since I am this far from a lot of them, I would say this one more than makes up for lack of that opportunity.. I would really like to meet each and every one on my bloglinx but one person I would say I am dying to meet other than my friends and family is Mad Momma.. I cannot but wonder about her ability to churn out so much with her handsful with 2 kids and I am amazed at her ability to put in things the way she does.. here is to the women power!!!

Keerthi, this template change is for you... eye-friendly???

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karmickids said...

Am truly completely terribly and embarassedly honoured...saw the incoming link on my blog and came here...

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