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Mar 25, 2008

How Much is Too Much??

I sometimes wonder if there is an end what we want at all. If we set some financial goal or personal goal, we work hard to achieve it, finally reach it, find satisfaction for a while and then reset our goals and start working on the new ones again.

This cycle seems to be never ending. There was a time when all I wanted was peace of mind and some job to take care of my needs and support my mom. Once that was done, it was about being the best and climbing up the corporate ladder and having a better life and treat amma and mom royally and restore the respect to our family yet again (relatives and society in general seems to think finance is the only way to gauge the level of respect one individual or a family gets. Unfortunate, but so true!!). Once it was done, it was the thirst to retain it and do even better. Looking back, I can gladly say that I have given everything my best shot and God has been more than kind to me in every mode of life.

Then came the need for an emotional anchor, that stable life support you tend to search in another individual and that craving to start a family of my own and lead an exemplary life. With some bumps on the road initially, managed to solidify our belief in each other and looking forward to a rosy life. Financially we are way better than we could have imagined back in India, the cribs about lack of understanding, blah blah gradually gave way to calm understanding and sense of acceptance, but still the race is on, don't know for what.. Agreed that working towards a goal is what is life all about but the quintessential question still looms over large in my mind.. "How much is too much???"


Apple said...

I totally agree with u dear....We can have a long long debate on this issue...What say?

Satish Bolla said...

needhi aaso leka inkedhaina emo nenu cheppalenu. but ivannee common. devudu manishiki anni corect gaa petti(i mean hands, legs etc), buddi maatram konchem variety gaa pettadu. andhuke ilaantivi vasthuntaai

Krishna Kumar said...

kalede nippu...udhayinchede suryudu...adevidham ga porade vade manishi...!!

dialogue katti kada...edo cinemalodi...!!

Kalpana said...

heeeeeeeee, naa laaga thayaravuthunnavu............ :)

Swathi said...

i agree sree..gani ila memu mana goals chesukoka pothe, we will loose motive to live!! so edo oka goal eppudu set chesukuntu undali!! chaala rojulu tarvata nee posts anni chadivanu...loved reading all of them!!

Anonymous said...

i guess to much of anything is harmfull...everything in this world has a limit ..n we must abide by it..or else its trouble..

my life.... said...

yes Sush, i agree with you...When we settle down on something, then another issue sets in... I guess there is no limit...No choice but we must learn to adapt :)

karmickids said...

To me, too much is when I dont want anymore.

Not reaching there sooon.

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