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Mar 20, 2008

Na-Ati Charaami

Dharmecha, Arthecha, Kamecha, Mokshecha.. Naati Charaami!!
Righteously, financially, by desire, or spiritually, I will not walk away from her!!

Pelli mantrallo emi telisina teliyakapoyina Mangalyam Tantunamena Mama Jeevana Hetunaam okati paidokati matram baga mindlo naatukupoyina mantralu..

I remember the song chukkalu palikina Subhamantram picturized on Kanchana and Sobhan Babu.. anyways, back on track :).

When I did the post on Wo-Man and was cribbing that no rules for men, a dear friend of mine reminded me this one!!

Yup, Paru the rules are set for guys too.. thanks for reminding me that some exist for the guys too but sadly in one angle it portrays the woman to be dependent on the guy, whose responsibility is transferred from male to another.. father to the husband and then to the son finally.. but I surely wont crib as long the woman is taken care of :).

Edited To Add:

Right Keerthi, we are perfectly capable but I am talking about the ones who still unfortunately are not :).. I love it when you guys come up with points on what I write, thanks.


Kalpana said...

Heeheheeeee, sush, ekkuva magavaallu vellipothaaru ani marriage nundi ani kuda aa rule pettundochchu kada.........;). Endukante, ekkuva valle walk aways chesthaaru kopam vachchinappudu. heheheeeee... To even make them feel this is 1 to 1 relationship ani, vaalla mind lo ekktaaniki kuda avvochchu.

Krishna Kumar said... post ki appropriate comment nenu after 4 or 5 years taravata chesta...ippudu naaku deene gurinchi asalu telidu....!! :)

Apple said...

Objection Adhyaksha...'as long as the woman is taken care of'...manaki maname ala inkokaru care theesukovali ani anukunte eppatikee dependantgaane vuntaamu kadaa offense meant dear :)

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