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Mar 15, 2008

Touched... Dhanyavaadalu!!

A few days ago, I saw this in my mail box...

sush, i've dedicated something for you. goto the below link and check out the 266th comment.

Click Here To See

Well, there have been so many precious gifts of love and care and concern from a lot of my buddies but this particular one is so unexpected and has taken me aback totally, am so touched... sniff, sniff, the senti me.. :).

Thank you Satish, this one is long pending!! Definitely, hum nahin chodenge!!


Satish Bolla said...

oh sush, u r like my elder sister after keerthi. it's because of some blogs like yours that i've my own little place in the bloggerville and had my own identity. your blog has given me insight into most of the things that i neglected all these days. that's why i dedicated that song to you.
anyways, thanks for thanking me(as one of my arabic colleague says).

Apple said...

Congratulations...naakoo vachindi ee present...santhosham tho ela react avalo theleeka mothaniki react kaaledu :(...thanks again to sathi babu...

Kalpana said...

sooo sweet............:)

rads said...

aw :)

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