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Mar 21, 2008

Two Lives.. Two Influences, Two Lessons!!

My granny used to believe that when someone passes away, they will take some very dear people along with them, I guess that is the belief in villages.. "evaraina potey vaalla dinam lopu inkokarini teesukuni veltaru." I used to consider it one of the village tales but looking at the recent events in the industry specifically, the superstitious me has begun to have second thoughts about it too.

Raghuvaran, the first time I remember seeing him was in Siva and felt he was an unconventional good looking different negative role performer and Anjali cemented my being his fan for sheer versatility. I loved the way he dressed, his body language, his cracked voice, that expression in the pic above, his voice modulation, the seriousness he brought to whatever role he portrayed, everything. In fact, had a crush on him for a while, dunno how and when it set on and when it faded but it was there. On the personal front, however, his addiction, conflicts in marital life, etc. and maybe those in part were a reason for his early demise. Lesson learnt, keep away from addictive substances and live life king size!!

Soggadu, Andhra Andagadu as he is known as.. I will always have his wig, his dialogues, especially "normuy" in that very typical sobhan accent and style etched in my memories..His smile, his pan-cake makeup, the choice of his movies, his wise investments in personal life, concept of retirement at peak stage, peaceful and happy family life towards the very end of the life, an extremely well-lived life. Of late, I have been hearing a lot about this man, the way he is principled, disciplined and intelligent investor, etc. and unknowingly developed a deep sense of respect for him, something which I never had while he was working in the movies. He was just another matinee idol, my mom's favorite, ladies' man. Recently I have seen an interview by Jaya Prada and Jaya Sudha both of whom called him an angel and professional guy and this image further consolidated by what I heard from various sources. Me and the OH have been discussing about him for a while now and his death was a shocker of sorts. He was the only one as far as I know who has refused to succumb to stardom or give in completely to the filmdom. It was his job, 9 to 5 with weekly offs and adequate family time. Kala, Kalaaposhana laanti vaatiki dooramga it was his source of income, livelihood.. I liked this approach in him. People may call him selfish, miser, whatever but for me, "illu chakkadiddukuni jeevitamni oka paddatilo gadipina manishi" it was an exemplary life.

Ento adrushtavantulaki maatramey anta easy death vastundi antaru.. he just passed away within hours without being in pain for long.. he sure is one lucky man!!

May their souls rest in peace!!


Krishna Kumar said...

superstitions ante guthochindi...inkoti kooda undi...Saturday evarina pass saturday inkokaroo veltarani..means..saturday velle vaalu ontariga vellarani...

Raghuvaran gaari news nanu chala badapettindi...he is such a polite man...and intelligent too...paapam 10years old child kooda unnadanta raghu gaariki...!! :((

Inka Andhra soggadu leru...koncham kasthamanipinchindi...

and inka mana Telugu Cine world lo next evaro mari...choodali...!!

Kalpana said...

nuvvu cheppindi correct sush about both the guys......and coming to superstitions, nenu naa jeevithamlo ne chusaanu, naa iddaru ishtamaina maamayyalu chanipovatam, within a month and they both admire each other.

my life.... said...

hey gal, i was shocked by raghuvaran's death too.. and he is 60 yrs old... he didn t look like 60... he is a great actor... i always loved his villan role

rads said...

Nice post. Absolutely endorse all u say. Shobhan Babu discouraged his kids from getting into movies and they all are dignified respectble and well off professionals.

Nice person.

Raghuvaran - I think I was in love with him or something - used to live next door to my friend's :)

btw, I posted your asparagus pachadi recipe. hope you like it. :)

Apple said...

May their souls rest in peace..

I still remember your post "A string of unfortunate incidents" and now this one...:(

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