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Mar 3, 2008

Uff so Filmy..

I love everything that spells filmy.. the style, the movies, the actors, their struggles, their awards, their lifestyles, their fashion, the happiness, the sorrow and as the saying goes Jeena Yahaan Marna Yahaan.. Iskey Siwaa Jaana Kahan.. so, true for those involved in that.

I never missed award functions back home, remember the days I used to wake up drinking hot milk and what not to stay awake and see if the movies and the actors that I have been rooting for for that particular year won or not..

Late but still, I watched 53rd Filmfare awards now on the net and had masti time FF'ing when it was a drag and enjoying the rest :).. and must say I love watching this net version better..

My little observations there ;).

Why is Gowri, being one of the richest and hardworking celebrity wives, roaming around in those very similar to bath-robe type of attires with that ooh so uuugggg tan or whatever... man, drive in some sense into that lady... those large animal prints, bath robes, excess tan, minimum one inch and multilayered makeup.. madam.. take some tips from your husband....wait a minute phew, these days Shah seems to have rubbed off some of your styling sense.. pcch.. pcch..

Whatz with Vidya Balan.. a goat or cow syndrome?? what the hell are you chewing away to glory.. yukky you deserve more than just a Na-Real award.

The entire Rishi family there to boost the jr. and the sr. is so cute..

Kareena minus Shahid plus Saif.. kuch hazam nahin hua.. but chalega.

Neil Nitin Mukesh.. a mouthful of a name, but an awesome performance by this Mukesh grandson.. Hritik you are right in taking a serious look at his performance.. you have competition :)...

Tabu.. why didnt you want to thank anyone??? not that I love the thank you speeches but mentioning specifically that you dont want to..... uuhhuuu uhhuu..

Why is it that Fresh Face of the year is only a female and what the hell is the difference between a debutante actress and a fresh face of the year???.. anyways dont want to scratch my scalp for the fear of losing whatever is left these days!!

Na-Real Awards.. Hill-arious ;) and good sportive participation by Akshay and Mr. Sippy.. Saif has an amazing time and body language to show humor and as always King Khan and Saif jodi is at its meanest, cheapest, rudest, vulgurest best!!! Must see the audiences gasping, making faces, turning awkwardly in their seats at their digs on the fraternity and everything in general and me being me had loads of fun.. thanks guys!!

Himesh.. cap.. miya.. please see the barber.. you were way better with your hair hiding efforts with a cap!!!

Good to see Darsheel Safary win an award for best actor.. this kid with an imperfectly perfect kid face is too good!!

I am beginning to have serious doubts about the existence of Aditya Chopra.. where has he disappeared if at all he exists or is he just a figment of my imagination!!

I missed Farah Khan and the Bacchan Family and a few regulars out there at the awards scene.. well is the absence of AB family in anyway related to Vivek's stage performance... naaaahh... or... errrr!!!

I missed the all too familiar Shabana, Javed, Rani, Sanjay Leela Bansali and his mom, the other kapoor clan, AK that is, Juhi, Shahid, sajid khan...well, the turnout is really really poor!!!

Now that you know that catty side of my character.. I will do the vanishing act before I lose any goodwill that I might have..


Ekta said...

U do seem to love the awards...dont u..uv almost done a thesis on the award!!!

Kalpana said...

hahhaa....... baaga raasavu raa....

Satish Bolla said...

just a li'l correction. darsheel got the Critics award for the Best Actor. how the hell will SRK let him get the award for best actor? and didn't u feel that the Khan comments were a bit too much sometimes?

Apple said...

Haven't watched this program..Enjoyed your post to the fullest..

And the template...I guess this is the one template to which I hooked up for the longest period...simply love it...and yeah very eye-friendly too..naalanti guddollani drusitlo pettukunnanduku thanks sush..:)

Sree said...

@Ekta and Caps :).

Satish.. yup.. you are right about that.. that is why the digs at critics were worse I guess ;).. right! he was way too much off in tangent at times but since it included making of himself too it is okay.

Sree said...

@Keerthi: :).

karmickids said...

No dear, the performances are prerecorded and only inserted during the telecast. Therefore Vivek was actually not present during the awards, which is why Shahrukh pokes a dig saying we can now criticise his performance since he's not around..

artnavy said...

Hey kitty

u have written a wittier account than mine

but i see a lot of our observatons were similar

Krishna Kumar said...

hmmm..mothaniki had a good time anukunta...!! :)

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