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Apr 6, 2008

Shame Shame!!!

Well this is what I would like to say to the media back home!!

It was just the other day, I was feeling sad about the news of death of Sobhan Babu and then I happened to see a few video clippings posted on the net commemorating his life and times and as a tribute had been listening to some of his songs and saw his movies as a token of respect to him.

What irritated me the most are the ones which show his cremation :((. Doing this to a person, who wished to stay away from the press and hulla gulla to keep his handsome image and face in memories of the audiences forever, it was a rude shock. How can they do this to him or to any one for that matter.. What the hell is wrong.. I am reminded of vultures who feed on the dead, it is just that these human vultures are way worse!!!


Kalpana said...

Media ilaa thayaarayyindi ippudu. emi cheyyalemu....... Money matter for them. Anthe........

Krishna Kumar said...

akka...cremation ni TV9 vaadu live telecast chesedu...ala chesina parvaledu...kaani...okka maata annadhu...!!!

"Fans,bhandhuvulu mariyu cine taarala madhya..."GHANNAMGA" jarugutunna Shoban Babu gaari anthya kriyalu... ":0

Satish Bolla said...

internatioal media gurinchi theleedhu gaani, india maatram anthe. media roju rojuki chendaalam aipothundhi.

joy said...

this the media be it india or anywhere now n maybe for a long time..they talk abt anything n anyone which may be sensational might grasp the audience even if its for a little time n then again hunt for new stuff..sorry saying news as stuff but that is what they r doing now ..stuff fodder whatever u say.

Apple said...

Hmm..brathikunnappudu ee raabandulani daggaraki raanivvaledu kadaa ani ayana poyaaka ila peekku thinnaranukunta...really Shame..

Apple said...

Why no new posts dear? Busy???

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