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Apr 23, 2008

Too Much To Say..

Yup, all these days I have been extremely busy, sad, mad, happy, and had been through all the emotions.. yet another year passed by in my life without achieving anything. It no longer feels good to celebrate the birthday.. as they say, if I start lighting the exact number of candles, the cake will burn down even before I can blow them all :((.. need to write a lot about a lot of feelings, events, and things in general...

1. The Surname War.
2. My New E-Book Reader.
3. Temple of Peace and Calm.
4. Human emotions.
5. Charity/noble causes.
6. Coming to Terms.
7. Tantrums.
8. Nature Versus Nurture.
9. To the point of no return.
10. Me and India.
11. On love and hate.

are a few of the things that I want to have a say about...


Kalpana said...

suddengaa chusi avanni novels peremo anukunnaa....;) good, raayi raayi.......... ikkada nenu ready ayipoyaa chadavataaniki.....
ento kada ee busy busy life.......
And malli modalettavaa candles topic...;)

Krishna Kumar said...

Ento akka...nee postlu konni artham kaavu...andulo idi okkati...:(...!!

Satish Bolla said...

nee b'day aa? mammalni pilavakundaane chesesukunnavaa? no probs. ee post chadhivetappudu chocolate thintu chadhuvuthunna. so adhi nuvve ichavanukuntaa. anyways, belated b'day wishes frm a blogger brother.

ainaa naku theleeka adugutha, aa raasedhedho thondharaga raayakundaa maaku ee trailors emiti???

Apple said...

hehehe..nenu kooda ilaanti post okati chesaa inthakumundu...enno rayalani anukuni konne raasaanu...I'm eagerly waiting for your posts..

Krishna Kumar said...

@sathana...nenu sushakka b'day roju akkani wish chesaanoch...!! :P

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