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May 1, 2008

Karivepaku Kashtaalu..

Well, those who know me also know that I am an average cook who never tries to excel in that department, 'cos I know my limitations way too well. However, blessing in disguise is what I cook looks and smells good if not tasting awesome, so managing okay. The evidence that I am a decent cook no matter he says is the OH's protruding, seemingly first-trimester belly, left to grow without any specific efforts for trimming ;).

Coming to the point of the post, one thing that I love about cooking is taalimpu or tadkaa smell, that wafting smell which gives flavor as well as good smell to the food, the essential ingredient of which is curry leaves. yeah, now dont start making faces, yes, I am the one who smells the food, I mean if not sniffing like a dog from the plate, I love it when it smells yummy too along with tasting yummy, you know what I mean :).

It is strange considering that most of the people take it out from the meal when consuming it but still want loads of it put in just for the smell and flavor. Lesson it teaches is do your duty even when you know that finally you are going to be taken out of the final preparation. If we want to look into morals and lesson, each and everything teaches one, isnt it??

This past couple of months, the curry leaves were banned in Atlanta and a few parts of US taking with that what little motivation for cooking I had, was hoping real bad for the ban to end, planning to see if someone was coming from India, so that I could torture them to bring some for me or to buy everything in the store shelf if and if I find something in some place no matter what the cost was. Whenever I was cooking, I had the visions of the tree in my amma's place, the amount of wastage we used to do and it is so true that you know the value if and only if there is a shortage.

Now, it is available in most of the stores, it feels good to cook once again and yes, I have stored enough for the next couple of months just in case ;).


Krishna Kumar said...

deeni bhatti neeku arthamaina neetendi...deni viluva daaniki untundi...!! :P

Kalpana said...

yes sree, I too love the smell of curry leaves.......
I hope, ippudu meeku dorakavachchu...

Apple said...

Popu vesaka karivepaku, allam, pachimirchi noonelo vesthe vache smell...mmmmuuaaaahhhhhhh! love it

Krishna Kumar said... the time of popu...smell pakkana petti..appudoche sound ella untundo alochinchu...??

Satish Bolla said...

aa karivepaaku janma dhanyam aipoyindhi nee blog valla. inka evaru samabr lo karivepaakuni chinna chupu chudaru. gud gud

mgsekhar said...

Karivepaku nu koorallo vadukoni, food thinetappudu theesi pakkana padestharu. . . .ok. . .. But aa karivepakunu kooda aaharmtho paatu manam theesukonte. dani valana kalige labalu for GOOD HEALTH , ye okkaru danni theesi pakkana padeyyaru. so daani labalu for good health gurinchi kooda thelapand. . . . Gnanasekhar.M

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