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May 3, 2008

My New Reader and Literary Pursuits..

Well, we both (me and OH) happened to get a gift, rather costly one at that, from his mama sri and the gang. We really felt terribly guilty taking that book or bookshelf as mama-sri prefers to call it as it was too costly for gift standards.. around 320 dollars with the chargers :((((.. Agreed, it is a beautiful gift to give but I feel so bad about taking it from them that I almost stopped reading books :(( 'cos each time I see that one I end up feeling bad for their spending too much that it has robbed me of the pleasure of reading books.

Books are my best friends apart from the dear ones in my life. They are the best companions, keep us company and expand our knowledge. It is just a wonderful feeling to be lost in the world of the characters and the places they take us to and rejoice.

These past few days, I had been hooked up on to various things and neglected everything else that actually mattered and lost myself in a whirlpool of activities. I promise to myself that I will get back to my good reading habits, if not at the pace of one book a day, at least a few pages :).

Well, as usual, I digressed..

The point of the post is

I love my reader for its book-like feel and the pocketability, holds 160 books, with a battery life of up to 7600 pages.. wow!! and what more, I can listen to music while reading too...but the thing is, it just supports books in lrf format and nothing else, we can upload pdfs but the zoom feature does not work and the sony store books that are compatible with the reader are too costly.. However, I get to choose 100 all-time classics for free, so here I go with Wuthering Heights and Sense and Sensibility to Begin With..

The literary world, beware!!! here I come ;).

PS: It cannot read the book for me, I mean no audio book feature but I am just fine with it, I have heard a few narrations and feel that nothing can beat the real reading experience.


Satish Bolla said...

So are you happy with your gift? I like the frankness with which u told that u felt bad to accept such costly gift. All the best with it but don't neglect reading normal books

Sree said...

sure Satish, I cant stay longer without books I guess, one good thing about the reader is immediately after the page instead of clicking i reach for the paper, so you can see I have the book feel.. but the smell of the book is something else anuko.

Krishna Kumar said...

hmmm...speech interface laantidi emaina unda akka ee yantram lo...??

Kalpana said...

Good that you are getting used to it... :)

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