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Jun 28, 2008

AP Raajeenaa(dra)maalu...

Following AP politics these days is like a circus (no offense to anyone involved in the actual Circus) and even worse at times..

Veru kumpati ani paaripovatam enti, confusing people with different groups sprouting up. I was wondering why a new party going through Chiru's here-I-come, not-just-now acts and there is already another party in the making thanks to split in TDP and the so-called oops-I-remember-Telangana, and I-want-to-be-No.1, Devender Gowd politics. As common man, silent observer (okay, okay, I make little noises in this space time to time ), I am mostly vexed with so much going on. I always felt that DG was one of the few sensible politicians who is stable, result-oriented, and focussed but now I doubt it, I am confused, I cannot say right from wrong and I dont know the actual truth, the media which is supposed to be guiding the general public is making the matters worse by taking sides and publishing their own versions, between the polit(r)ics and media wars, the common man is confused and neglected. For me, staying out of the state, talking from this far or expressing views is easy because the immediate impact is not there but still I am worried.

I am fed up. Who is pure and pristine around here

CBN coming to power de-throning the-then TDP supremo NTR, (the saving grace was he was the only CM I actually saw working and the one who made people around him work and made AP and Hyd a powerful place to look at in terms of IT or education. Ignoring how much he has amassed monetarily or whatever, I saw some progress in some fronts at at least am sure given a chance he will do as much to the agriculture and rural sectors realizing his folly the last time around).
YSR who is surrounded by issues all the time, either creating one or in one screaming his lungs out "Adhyakshaa.." whose only aim these days is to crush the forces that dare to come out in open using his own media power and ruling party power even when the public is haunted with countless problems, .
, the man one who remembers his Talli Telangana IF and only IF his personal motives are not satisfied and is always ready with a pen and paper to resign and create ruckus and divert attention each time his real motives are brought out in open.

and finally..

JP the only man I thought had the power to confront the dirty-tricks in politics. Where the hell are you man and why arent you guys blowing that damn "whistle" of yours????

Last but not the last, it is high time the so-called King Maker media guys, make the existing chaos an utter chaos..

One song that I am reminded these days is "Bharata maatanu nenu bandeenai padi unnanu.. " where in the God's name are we heading to. Why is no one condemning the acts going on, I no longer feel comfortable watching just one newspaper or a channel and end up reading all the three and making my own inferences which is a dangerous situation. Is there no alternative, if serving the public and nation is the aim, cant they come together and work for it emerging into two strong entities like the ruling and the opposition and strive to outdo the others in terms of progressive action and not go about degrading each other to the maximum possible extent..

In my life time, I have seen 'n' number of changes

Inflation or whatever it is, 5, 10, 20 np coins are gone.. or to be precise, why do we need them, we dont get anything at that cost??? I wonder in a few years, it will just be 1 and 2 rupees or maybe even just 5 rs/-.

I can only dream of buying a house or a plot because of the obscene rates (okay, to a large extent it is the NRIs who caused this situation but cant there be any control enforced).

I need to go to the remotest possible villages to get a breath of fresh air.

There is rampant corruption in each and every government-run organization and can we blame them entirely, with their pitiable pay and increasing cost of living, what can they do (not supporting them but want to figure out the root cause of it all other than the pocketing-others-money mentality).

I no longer say "nenu Chaduvu"kuntunna" it is chaduvukontunna

When a person like me with not so much of a worldly-wise knowledge, sees so many issues to tackle upfront, why are these netas hell-bent on wasting our tax money with all these dramas and hung elections and re-elections, why feed your bellies sucking the blood of the unsuspecting common man?? why why why????

Jun 25, 2008

Raajasekharaa Neepai...

.. tikka teeraledura... kadupu manta perigeraa!!!!

I happened to see an interview in the net quite sometime ago LINK HERE and for the time felt like personally going around bashing the people who did not vote, (!yeah I have this tendency to blame ourselves, the so-called educated, tech-geek juntaa who have the capability to say right from the wrong and capacity to lecture on and on and on about what is wrong in the society and why, but just fail to cast their valuable vote!) and ask them to see what they have gotten us into.. any question, the answer is ask Mr. Chandrababu Naidu or whosoever it is to go court.. what the bloody hell!!!.. this from a man who chose to be our representative for a sum total of 5 years, in whose capable hands we kept our state for progress or peril. I was shaking my head in wild disbelief. Until then, I never was critical about anything about anyone from politics but from then I made a point to try to figure out.. but still there are a lot of things I just dont understand...

Why is the government hell bent on seeing the people who dare to write against them behind bars?

Are there no pressing issues at all in the state, is everything hale and hearty?

Instead of looking at ways to improve the quality of life of a common man which by the way is way below acceptable and the seemingly ever-mounting cost of living and many more stuff things, is taking revenge on the opponents the only aim?

CBN and TDP, Chiru, Ramoji Rao and Margadarsi and Andhra Jyothi and anything related to them is a cause of immediate concern.. are they the only ones who need mending or bending or minding whatever?

Patrika Swatantram anedi just Sakshiki maatrame vartistunda?

Paper, Plastic and Life!!

Using plastic and paper so much bothers me no end. After coming to US, I notice exponentially increased use of paper for anything and everything, wipes, bath tissues, kitchen tissues, napkins, paper towels, giveaway magazines.. one look at the public restrooms and my heart goes for all the trees cut down for us to wipe our hands.. germs, infection, cleanliness, blah.. blah.. blah.. Why not use a clean handkerchief or a cloth napkin and reuse it!! Why not use water for God's Sake!! I have my own doubts.. can paper clean as well and if you have to you water anyways, why not use it in the first place!!!

Plastic and its hazards to health and the hazards to the ozone layer!!! When will we ever realize.. the world and the environment in general is not as fresh and pure and clean as it was when were born, why degenerate it even further to our future generations, why not just minimize the use.. tap water in US is as good or better than the mineral water in some places and why not use Brita Pitchers or Pur filters and go for reusable water bottles.. Stop, Think, and Buy!!!

If I were the planet earth, I would die a death every time some natural resource of mine is wasted, each time I were abused with rashness of use, each time I think about the pollutants added, each time I think about the extinct species.. well in short a million deaths every single second and I shudder even at the thought.. why dont we understand the pain that we inflict on the mother earth!! Minimize the use of plastic and paper..

alternatives can be
1. Use clean handkerchiefs, a whole lot of them if need be in stead of paper tissues and wipes.
2. Use napkins and reusable stuff than throw-aways.
3. Use water from tap or filter the water at home and minimize overloading the planet with plastic waste.
4. Use shopping bags made of cloth or jute to carry stuff than in plastic.
5. Use water in stead of the bath tissue whenever possible. general look for ways to bring about a healthy and environment friendly lifestyle. Believe me, it is not as tough to practice, just a little conscious effort.

Please feel free to add in more of your thoughts on the same...
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Jun 22, 2008

Laser Love

I had been to a laser show in Stone Mountain yesterday. It was a lovely single huge rock with three warriors or horses carved on it and there was a laser show with fireworks and all late in the night. There were lots of people lazing around in a big playground like area with lots of greenery bringing in their own stuff, blankets, chairs, campers, and just eating and lying down and enjoying the nature, some coming from miles to do just that.. somehow, I liked our laser show in Lumbini Park much better than that and I long to go there right now :(((((

See my previous writeup on Hyderabad and my love for that HERE

Jun 19, 2008

On My Mind Now....

Sometimes, as I relax with a book in my hand in a silent home with just the noise of the dryer and the dishwasher in the background and the knowledge that the house is spic and span and am done for the day with the chores with some soft melodies in a volume on the player, I just drift along in my own world...

Just a while ago in that peace and calm, I was wondering about the mixed blessings that the life bestows on us

... the way one ages a lifetime in just a matter of days when some tragedy strikes but bounces back with the sweet gift of time which has the healing power to erase even the harshest seemingly unforgettable memories easing them on our minds and souls.

I feel that the greatest gift to the mankind is forgetting and forgiving and moving on with life with hopes on the future and wisdom from the past but living in the Present.

The belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel is the biggest motivator in times of trouble. It is just the mind making the most out of the minute stuff in life and leaving us awfully restless and ruining THE moment...

There are times there are a string of unfortunate events happening one after the other in life and nothing seems to be going right and when I started questioning my existence and the existence of the almighty too, but I guess it is in extremes that a person requires more restraint on emotions and control over the tongue and the senses in general and it is THEN the strength of the individual comes to forefront than any time else...

Need to shake myself to get out if Gyaani mode :).. pause and ponder and more thoughts welcome.

And I was Thinking....

As a kid, I thought great people become leaders (period).

As a student, I thought strong will, commitment, sacrifice, and determination to serve the people and the nation was what is needed to enter politics.

As a grownup, I thought more than anything the intention to serve one self and/or one's family is more than enough be in politics.

Now, I realize it is not that easy, you need to have a newspaper, TV channel, money power, fan backing, along with hidden agendas and secret planning..

What are we coming to???

Jun 18, 2008

Bring an Order to Chaos -- More on Dasavatharam!!

I happened to see this forwarded compilation mail, which listed out everything about the movie, the doubts I had a lot more.

After reading the entire stuff which is way too lengthy, I really cant help but wonder if Kamal had so much in mind while making the movie, if yes, hats off man!! If not, hats off to the fans who derive so much from interpretations.

Fwd Email Content:

The 10-roles
One thing we had noticed is why people didn't get the real subtext and reason for the various roles and hence the title.

If you knew the real dasavatharams of Lord Vishnu and their characters you can appreciate the script more.

Let me explain, starting with the best adapted role:

1. Krishna avatar - Vincent Poovaraghavan
Lord krishna is actually a dalit, he is dark-skinned [shyamalam]. He saved draupadi when she was being violated and he was the actual diplomat in mahabharatham. Lord krishna dies of an arrow striking his lower leg. Now look at how vincent was introduced.. he appears when asin is about to be molested and he saves her like draupadi. Vincent is the dalit diplomat, fights for land issue [soil issue to be exact] and dies from the metal rod striking his leg. Oh even five of vincent's men are drugged at P. Vasu's.. sounds familiar???

2. Balarama avatar - Balarama naidu
This is an easy given. as the name suggests and the role personifies you can easily get it.

"Did not even know that in some puranas Balarama is considered the eighth or ninth avatara of Lord Vishu".

3. Mathsya avatar - Ranagaraja nambi
nambi is thrown into water in an act of trying to save lord from being thrown into sea, though vainly. what more clue do you want?

4. Varaha avatar - Krishnaveni paatti
During the mukunda song, krishnaveni paatti does varaha avatar in the shadow puppetry. The frame freezes on it for a second. there is the clue. Moreover, in varaha avatar lord actually hides earth so as to protect life forms. Here too krishnaveni hides the germs - life form inside the statue so as to protect.

5. Vamana avatar - Kalifulla khan
remember in vamana avatar, lord vishnu takes the vishvaroopa, that is the giant form! Hence the giant kalifulla here symbolises vamana avatar.

6. Parasurama avatar - Christian Fletcher
Parasurama is actually on an angry killing spree and killed 21 generations of the particular kshatriya vamsa. Hence the real KILLER... Guess what thats what our Fletcher is! He comes around with the gun [modern upgrade for axe] and kills everyone around. I have to check if he kills 21 people though. :-D

7. Narasimha avatar - Shingen Narahashi
first of all the name itself is a play on the words singam [means lion in tamil] and narasimha [the avatar being symbolised]. Lord Narasimha manifests himelf to kill the bad guy and he also teaches prahaladha. In the movie, he shows up to kill the killer fletcher! and is also a teacher.. Lord Narasimha had to kill the asura with bare hands and hence the martial arts exponent here.. get it?

8. Rama avatar - Avatar Singh
Lord Rama stands for the one man one woman maxim, kind of symbolising true love.. Here Avatar portrays that spirit by saying that he loves his woman more than anything and wants to live for her.

9. Kalki avatar - Govindaraj Ramasamy
As you know, the hero in kaliyug can be none other than the Kalki avatar!!!

10. Koorma avatar - Bush
This is the most loose adaptation I couldn't clearly comprehend. But if you look at the real koorma avatar, the lord is the turtle/tortoise that helps in stirring the ksheera sagara and bringing out the amruth. This essentially creates war among the devas and asuras. Similarly today Bush facilitates war between you know whom... May be Kamal also indicates that this avatar is a bit dumb like the tortoise...

Too many doubts about correlation of the movie, Chaos theory and Butterfly Effect have come into Picture....! !!

The movie clearly states about Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect [Kamal says it in his Speech in the Movie ]

The concept of "CHAOS THEORY" and "BUTTERFLY EFFECT", by itself is a complex concept, which mainly highlights the happening of huge unimaginable things because of least probable things...!!! !

Dasa although deals with these concept, but does not necessarily confuse anyone with it. As i said earlier, its mainly "YOU"... that plays a factor in how the movie gets along with "YOU".

You have got to be Case 1 or Case 2 as i have said earlier in this entry,,, No use being Half Baked.....!! !!

To just brief about these Concepts,

Q: What is Chaotic System ?
A: Basically a chaotic system is one wherein long term predictions are impossible.Like for example,if I push a car, I know that it is going to move and it will continue to do so if I go on pushing it on and on.However,in a chaotic system,this situation cannot be predicted over a long period of time.
Weather for example is a chaotic system.No matter how good your instruments are,you simply cannot predict the weather with 100% accuracy over a long term basis and forecast it.

Q: What is the Butterfly Effect ?
A: It is the most important component of a chaotic system.Basically, small perturbations results in amplifications which completely destroys the original nature of the system and makes prediction impossible.
If a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa,it could result in a cyclone in USA.(Mark the word COULD).A highly dumbed down explanation of the butterfly effect is in the film Anniyan,where Vikram's sister dies because a liquor shop owner sells liquor on a dry day.

Q: OK, how does Dasa incorporate it ?
A: In essence,Dasa talks about 8 characters who are inconsequential as such,but are integrated in a larger picture.Without Bush,the plane would have been called back.Without Shinghen, Govind would be dead.Without the tsunami,the world would have been destroyed.Even Krishnaveni Patti plays a very important role.If she had not put the vial in the idol,maybe Govind would have recovered it then and there and a powerful weapon would have been unleashed.The very fact that it went into the idol meant that it was being accelerated to its destiny.Without Kaifulla Khan, Govind would have never escaped;the list simply goes on.

Q:OK,so does the film talk about theism or atheism?
A:Neither.It talks about how humans drive the destiny of the world.

The movie does Show " A Butterfly " flying accross the screen after the Tsunami Attcck, clearly indicating that the Tsunami is an Outcome of " The Butterfly effect ".


I said that the butterfly COULD cause a hurricane.That's a huge probability. Would be a negligible probability. NOT a huge one. if that were true, we would have cyclones on an hourly basis as butterflies keep flitting all over Africa and u don't have so many cyclones to account for a HUGE probability.
Chaos,relativity and quantum mechanics are so damn weird that you will think I am talking metaphysics and pseudoscience.

Like for example,according to quantum mechanics,there is a finite probability that you will fall right through a solid chair.And it is a PROBABILITY.
Even 10 to the power -26 is finite :-) .

But yes, Quantum Mechanics does allow for weird situations.


Guys check this link for a clear and complete explanation

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Butterfly_ effect

In the above links u can see that butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location..

So in dasavatharam that idol thrown into sea in 12th century is the cause for tsunami.... so everything is interlinked .The wiki entry also says that chaos could play an important role in plate techtonics. Which means even the 12th century incident is connected.

The 1st scene is perfectly connected to the climax, remember what Kamal says in the 1st scene, that he will not say "Om Nama Shivaya" , but Asin tells him to chant it , but still Kamal refuses , ( in this kamal in his story tries to tell that ) Nambi believes in his god more than anything, but Asin feels "Its ok if we change the god or chant other god's name, its life thats most important." Now if u see the climax its JUST OPPOSITE.... Kamal doesn't believe in god much and values lives of people the most.... but Asin deeply believes in god and that too this dialogue comes when both Asin and Kamal's hand is on the god which came from the sea , and it also means that they are getting united from the place they departed hundreds of years back ( Kamal and Asin).The connection between the 1st scene and the climax in the movie shows the generation circle combined with supernatural powers of GOD and destiny..... !!!

If you watch it closely u can also find another actor who has done double action other than Asin and Kamal.
Asin's father Sahasranamam [12th Century], in the beginning he says to Nambi "Panchatchira manthirathai sollitu vaango mappillai" and at the End [After tsunami] he says "Avar enna jathiyo inga vaanga paati ".
Another Eg. of Chaos Theory and circle of life.

Nambi explanation

Okay, this is slightly outside the chaotic system driving the film as a whole.From what I could gather he says that this story is about ideologies like God,the madness surrounding such ideologies and decides to tell the story of the Shaivite-Vaishnavit e conflict to show how people go crazy in the name of God as an example.

As a loose end,it gets tied up in the end,when the Ranganathar idol is thrown out of the sea due to the tsunami which highlights the cyclic nature of life.Actually the Nambi character highlights both Chaos and Karma which I explained.That is the brilliance of this film,there is so much to see and understand.

Another explanation( and this is slightly far fetched--- as explained earlier) is that Govind is in fact the reincaranation of Nambi. As Nambi he couldn't protect God and died in the name of God.In order to fulfill his Karma,he is reincarnated as Govind Ramasamy who ultimately saves the world from destruction. The idol in the end somewhat hints to this theory; his story began with the idol and it ends with the idol.
As far as the connection with Nambi character and events in 12th Century goes...
The connection is based on the "Butterfly effect ".

When Govind and Andal goes to the bury the idol in the sands, Andal will stumble on a particular stone couple of times...This is the same stone as the one from 12th Century hen Kothai rips her Thaali and flings it at Kulothunga will end up hanging on the stone. So, the implied message here is Andal is Kothai reborn in the 21s century.
During the encounter with Santhana Bharathi in the sand quarry, it is repeat of the incident from 12th century. Instead of Kulothunga Chozhan, it is the Sand Mafia which tries to inflict damage on the land.
This movie is a brilliant juxtaposition of independent characters whose paths cross, if only briefly, which is stunning example of Chaos Theory.

The idol that is drowned in the sea along with Rangarajan in 12th century by Chozha king results in a fault being developed at the bottom of the ocean and creates tremors more than 800 years later. These tremors result in the Tsunami. This again is a classic case of Butterfly Effect wherein a seemingly inconcsequential event (the drowing of the idol) saves Tamil Nadu from being wiped out off the face of the earth.

But actually kamal has not left anything for our imagination. .. Explanation struck the right chord, Kamal does tell to Asin in a dialogue that idol which gets sunken back then gets struck between the tectonic plates under the sea and causes tsunami...
Many people missed this dialogue i guess. Kamal's accent was so very perfect Tamil, that many people missed it.... Being perfect Is a Problem by Itself !!! :)

Although the explanation is a least possible theory, that is what "Chaos Theory" And "Butterfly Effect" are all about.
Its not just the statue that caused the tsunami, but it just started a large chain of effects which kept multiplying exponentially and finally lead to it after 800 years....!!
Why just say this concept is perfectly illogical... it is possible... thats what i have been explaining all the while !!!

The story line is that things going wrong are made to be right which involves many people and countries knowingly or unknowingly.


-Bush, Manmohan Singh, Govindh, Fletcher, Balaram Naidu, Mallika Sherawath.


-Nambi's drowning to death with the heavy statue causes simple changes to the seabed that causes a devastating tsunami 800 years later [Acc. to Chaos theor it is possible.... although it is least probable... It is possible.. so nothing TOTALLY WRONG About it ]
-Poovaragan( actually saved kamal unknowingly- --when poovaragan enters kamal and asin were caught by those manal kollayargal. There poovaragan distracts the gang helping kamal to escape),
- Avatar Singh(gave way to Fletcher to escape in the airport unknowingly) ,
- Japanese(saved govind from fletcher,he knows he is saving but he doesnt know about the play and was there only for revenge),
- Kallifulla and family(saved govind unknowingly) ........
-Vincent is a dalit leader of a lower caste( the so called ) but saved an Iyengar Girl ......and at the end becomes the con of the Iyengar Paati !!
- If Shingen Narahashi's sister was not killed, Fletcher could have killed govind and used the virus for wrong purpose..

This is based on Chaos Theory..!!!!!

After reading everything, I still say it is a wonderful movie with a wonderful concept but why dilute with so much of Kamal even when not needed and it is just not my cup of tea if to understand a movie is going to take this much of thinking and analysis and in-depth discussion and days and days of thinking and putting together stuff. I would rather see it at home in the DVD when it is released...

PS: The source to me is an e-mail forward but it has obviously been compiled from various locations on the net, so acknowledging each individual maybe a bit complicated, so anyone has an objection, please leave a comment and will acknowledge promptly or do the needful.

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Jun 17, 2008

Dus KaDum!!

Well, was browsing through my favorite haunt videomasti as usual and stumbled on this program called 10KaDum.. hosted by Salman.. was initially surprised 'cos I kind of lost touch with Indian TV.

I watched the celebrity episode with Yuvi and Bhajji and was genuinely pleased with the ease with which the three of them were joking on each other on national TV and the biggest surprise of all was the friendly Salman, somehow I always felt that Salman was reclusive, secretive, too hard to approach and a very private person.. okay, I dont know him in person, but was somehow opinionated which I know is wrong but then kya karen, I am like thatt only, phew!!!

Those interested can watch it HERE.

Nenunnanani... Neekem Kaadani

Listen to it HERE

It is strange how some songs leave an impression on us and you just tend to listen to them again and again and again and again and even then it does not satisfy you and you crave for some more.. right now, I have this feeling for the song listed below.

It is all about assurance that "yes, I am there." I personally feel that assurance gives one a lot of courage, strength, and motivation to just go on when we are totally down and out. I would consider my life made if I could be this to at least one person other than my family.. Kondanta dhairyam, balam istundi nenunnani mana venaka evaraina unte...

There are a lot of songs that inspire you and there are some which just soothe your soul, this is one such gem for me.

Cheekatito veluge cheppenu nenunnanani
Otamito gelupe cheppenu nenunnani..
Nenunnanani... neekem kaadani.
Ninnati raatani maarchestaanani

చీకటితో వెలుగే చెప్పెను నేనున్నానని
ఓటమితో గెలుపే చెప్పెను నేనున్నానని
నేనున్నాననీ నీకేం కాదని, నిన్నటి రాతని మార్చేస్తానని

Tagile raallani punaadi chesi edagaalani
Tarmivallani hituluga talachi mundukellalani
Kannula neetini kalala saagukai vaadukovalani
Kalche nippuni pramidaga malachi kaanti panchalani

తగిలే రాళ్ళని పునాది చేసి ఎదగాలని
తరిమే వాళ్ళని హితులుగా తలచి ముందుక వెళ్ళాలని
కన్నుల నీటిని కలల సాగుకై వాడుకోవాలని
కాల్చే నిప్పుని ప్రమిదగా మార్చి కాంతి పెంచాలని

Gundeto dhairyam cheppenu
Chooputo maargam cheppenu
Aduguto gamyam cheppenu nenunnani
Nennunnanani neekem kaadani
Ninnati raatani maarchestaanani

గుండెతో ధైర్యం చెప్పెను
చూపుతో మార్గం చెప్పెను
అడుగుతో గమ్యం చెప్పెను నేనున్నానని
నేనున్నాననీ నీకేం కాదని, నిన్నటి రాతని మార్చేస్తానని

Evvaru leni ontari jeeviki todu dorikindani
Andaru unna aaptudu nuvvai cheruvayyavani
Janmaku eragani anuragaanni panchutunnavani
Janmalu chaalani anubandhanni penchutunnavani

ఎవ్వరు లేని ఒంటరి జీవికి తొడు దొరికిందని
అందరు ఉన్నా ఆప్తుడు నీవై చేరువయ్యావని
జన్మకు ఎరుగని అనురాగాన్ని పంచుతున్నావని
జన్మలు చాలని అనుబంధాన్ని పెంచుతున్నావని

Swaasato swaase cheppenu
manasuto Manase cheppenu
Prasnato badule cheppenu nenunnani
Nennunnanani neekem kaadani
Ninnati raatani maarchestaanani..

శ్వాసతో శ్వాసే చెప్పెను
మనసుతో మనసే చెప్పెను
ప్రశ్నతో బదులే చెప్పెను నేనున్నానని
నేనున్నాననీ నీకేం కాదని, నిన్నటి రాతని మార్చేస్తానని
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Jun 16, 2008

Baggy Love ;)

Am I really crazy for handbags or is it just that I remember the ones I already have are spoiled or just too small or too big or too light in color or too gaudy to look at or too simple for a get-together, or anything else the moment I enter the display aisle..

well, I am not, I just buy things when absolutely necessary which is almost always in case of bags ;).


Sree and Steel!!

Danielle Steel.

The one thought that comes to my mind whenever I see the rate at which she brings out the bestsellers is "She must be superhuman!!!" She is the one author who I read maximum. The first book I read by her was The Lightening which my mom got me for summer holidays and then whenever I got a chance to read her, I did. But the love affair started only after I came to US and from then on got to read a lot more. My God, some people dont read that many books in a lifetime and there she is churning one after the other at a lightening speed.

For those who haven't read her, she is somewhat like "Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani" of the west, all feel good stories, mostly about women, families, dreams, hopes and happy endings, no-complex word usage, no twists and turns, nothing plain, simple family stories told in her own style.

Was trying to list out what I read so far from the memory
Johnny Angel
Coming Out
Toxic Bachelors
Amazing Grace
Fine Things
No Greater Love
Mixed Blessings
The House
Second Chance
Safe Harbor
Dating Game
Answered Prayers
Sunset in St. Tropez
Lone Eagle
Leap of Faith
Irresistible Forces
Granny Dan
The House on Hope Street
Family Album
The Ring
Bitter Sweet
The Klone and I
The Ranch
Special Delivery
The Gift

Phew.. Maybe I read a few more, just cant remember.. did I read so many!!! Well, off I go to add more to the list :).

Jun 15, 2008


Hi there.. if you are wondering what that means if you already dont know what it is, it means HELLO... in Spanish.. For those, who know what it means and wondering why am I using it, it is because yours truly is trying to pick up bits and pieces of the language and flaunt them :)..


Como Esta Usted??
How are you...

Mucho Gusto...
Nice to Meet you..

Adios.. Hasta Luego..
Bye.. See you later.

PS: Now, you guys know that I have absolutely nothing to do today except trying to do something forcibly... just pinged in to say Hi :).

Jun 14, 2008

Dasaavathaaram -- My Views

Had been to this movie with advance booking and all the hulla gulla. Concept, chaos theory was good, the butterfly theory was too good, Kamal for a change was sober in acting, no histrionics in any of the 10 roles. but then there is a catch. I dont understand why is the movie called "Dasaavathaaram" and what is the need for 10 roles.. I was trying to figure out if each role was meant to be one Avataara of God but could not correlate. No doubt, the patience and hard work put in doing the makeup and getting it done is really really praiseworthy and amazing, but when it comes to the foreign characters Bush and Fletcher, one cant but wonder if the makeup kept falling down during the shooting and at times felt comical too, it looked more like a caricature of an individual than a normal person. Of them all,
1 and 2, Nambi and Scientist (original faces).
3, 4, 5, 6 tamil-loving police officer, Vincent (guy against sand maafia), Krishnaveni (95-year-old baamma) and Avtaar Singh (Punjabi-Telugu Pop star)(acceptably realistic makeup).
7 Fletcher (ex-CIA agent) (kind of okay)
8, 9, and 10 Japanese guy, Afghan, and Mr. Bush. (Pasty and comical)

Agreed, I should be proud to be coming from a nation where people experiment with makeup, subject, and other technicalities in movie making with out-of-the-box thinking but at same time, I cannot bring myself to accept that be there the need or not, portraying all the vital characters and trying to make that the USP of the movie. All the ga-ga about 10 roles by a single man in a single movie would be appreciated and worthwhile if all those characters were intricately woven into the story and were very integral part of the narration. At some places, I felt like a character has been introduced just to make the role-count to a round-figure 10 than anything else which kind of becomes irritating and can some one tell me what Asin-2 is doing other than screaming her lungs out "naa perumaal naakicchey."

The Nambi torture scenes, Perumaal drowning scene, lab scenes, chopper chase scenes, Tsunami effects, and there are a lot of good aspects to the movie but some utterly useless additions and extremely prolonged chasing sequences ruin the hard work. Music is not much to speak of..

All in all, a movie for die-hard Kamal fans, not for the ones with questions like when, why, and how and want to see movies for the art of film-making and story line!

PS: Anyone remember the promo pic with Kamal's face smeared with vibhooti and kumkum and a dog on his shoulder, wonder where it was intended to be and where it went off. Even the Krishnaveni Promo pic is totally different from the actual one.

Jun 13, 2008

Nagging Doubts

Is it possible

that you love a person so much that he/she is the only one you are living for and the one you could die for in a moment without as much as blinking


yet, sometimes feel that this very same person is the reason for all that you are going through and just want to run away from him/her??

Do They Actually!!!!

Was watching Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid the other day and felt that Kid a.k.a. Robert Redford looked like young Anil Kapoor.. anyone saw that and felt same resemblance..

Some more I dont know why reminders are
1. Tom Hanks and Aamir (I feel it real strong, dont know why, maybe the choice of roles or whatever?)
2. Gulliver and Saif Ali Khan (yeah, the fiction Gulliver, maybe because of Saif's long-haired old memories :)).

Remember just these for now, more when those sparks appear again :).

Jun 11, 2008

Sree Vivaaham Udyoga Naasaaya :)

I started working in 1996 just after my inter and joining Aptech ever since then up to 2006 June, except when I was down and out after amma's death, I never took a break, even then it was for a couple of months and then back to work because that is where I found my calling, comfort, pleasure, and I HAD to work!! Even after the engagement, I worked up to December 6th, when my marriage was on 14th. Job meant everything to me, security, escape, financial independence. In short after amma, I hung on to it like it was the last thread that could save me and yes, it did.

But after coming here, everything changed, I could not work and then my EAD got delayed and in the process, I had to wait for around 7 months and then came my mom's retirement and the compelling need to fulfill my what I felt was the last and most important responsibility towards her, settling and preparing for post-retirement life. Since I could not get a long leave, I had to resign and then re-join, which I did in February of this year, but then something changed, I just could not bring myself to work on the job.

To my horror, I realized I actually enjoy the bliss of being a homemaker or my mind tuned itself to this no-deadline, no-compulsory work hours, life and refused to fall into the groove and after battling for so long with health issues, more work for peanut-pay, etc., this time I left it for good to focus on something else, building up my stamina and our relationship which I guess needs a lot of nurturing than I cared to put in for a long time now.

1. I seem to have come to a point of saturation doing the current job working in isolation is taking its toll on a person like me who loves being around people.
2. Looking at mom, how she burned herself on the job and looking at a few others who just enjoy life at home pestering the husbands or like parasites on parents enjoying life at other's expense, my views about work changed to a large extent. It is the rebel in me speaking why work when I all do is be a slave everywhere. I know it is wrong, but I just wanted to experience how it is like (I sound crappy even to myself..aaargh!!)
3. Daily chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. seem more interesting.
4. Praying, watching movies, relaxing, spending time for self suddenly seem very very important.
5. A misplaced napkin or a glass irritates me so much and gets more of my attention than the work at hand.
6. I feel like doing something worthwhile like educating, helping out the needy, try being a better person and not work for money since I dont have the need to any more.
7. Maybe after years and years of continuous and non-stop work, my mind just needs to rest a while when it can. Anyways, once back in India, I will join the office, so let me enjoy until then.

and if i think, I might get more and more excuses as to why I am not working but the thing is each time I open the file to work on it, each time I come across a person with stroke or cardiac issues, it reminds me of amma and taatee and baby, making me feel jealous of those who survived it which is absolutely NOT healthy, so I want a break from day-to-day medical records and I would like to do something on the educational front of it.. let us see how life goes but yes of now, I WANT to relax.

PS: The struggle from MUST Work to Might Work was not easy, there was this constant internal conflict and it took a considerable amount of time for me to come to terms with the status quo, part of me wanted to work and part me to relax, when I was in one phase, I craved badly for other, and in-between phase in the journey equilibrium has been really unsettling and yeah, OH has been supportive all through.

Life On The Refrigerator Door.. My Views

I have read a review during my blog-hopping sessions and ever since then wanted to read it and had been there in my to-do list, even more so after Rad's review on the same. I have made 'n' number of rounds to the library and at last after a 3-month wait period on hold category got to read the book and yes, it was worth the wait. Actually, I did not know about this hold feature and all but that was a surprise to me from OH, who by the way also read this book in the train commute back home in flat 1 hour which sort of speaks about the book considering how much of a tortoise-speed reader he is.

The story is narrated in the form of exchange of post-its or notes from mother to daughter, simple and yet gripping ones narrating the events in just a sentence at times. If you can lay hands on it somewhere, some time, just read it. It is amazing how the author could squeeze in the story without using so many words and yet conveying the matter convincingly and conveys so many messages that one wants to take from it.

A Bulb and a Bubble Series

At times, when I see something or read something, my overactive, extra-imaginative, completely creative brain, comes up with some many ideas.. sandu istey cinema story raasesenta annamaata ;). When such things happen, OH imagines a bulb and a bubbly cloud with my ideas in that :), which in fact, according to him is very dangerous ;).

In this miniature series, I would share with you guys those crazy ideas and do make sure you drop in a word to say if you feel so too or is it just me??

Am always confused at times if Zebra has black stripes over white body or white stripes over black?? Any answers?

Jun 10, 2008

Do You Think So Too??

I was watching Jodha Akbar for the second time today while cleaning up the home and packing my office system back. Once again I felt that Sonu Sood, the guy who acted as Soojamal looked a lot like Amitabh Bacchan and somehow acted like him too :)..

Is it just me or did you think so too??

By the way, I have resigned the second time from the office and am just taking rest and getting fat for the time being :).

PS: First B&B Post.

Jun 9, 2008

Long Pending Payback!!

Just like every other Indian, I got really pissed off when I heard and read about our so-called "eating good".

I was fuming hot and wild and volcanic for a while, so just waited to let it cool down but could not resist giving it back to you.

Mr. Bush, it is not just by Indian middle class eating good food that we have food crisis or hike in prices, why don't you check the amount of wastage that happens and then think about actual consumption, which by the way is very meager compared to you know WHO and if this is the way you react to the middle-class eating good food, dread to think your reaction when the entire nation begins to eat good, which I pray for every day. Most of all, what goes of your daddy if we consume our own produce!!!!

Food, Wastage, Conservation, and Me...

It is an unfortunate truth that when a few people out there in the world are struggling to eat a meal a day forget alone nutrition and stuff, there are a lot of us who go about wasting food.

I dont want to give any lectures to anyone or say hey look, I realized the worth of food and all, became so very environmental and society conscious and blah, blah, blah, one fine morning and now you start realizing too and follow me. Each person has to by himself come to understand and follow and nothing can be forced, good or bad, on an individual.

At my work place back in India, we had concept of free lunch and everyone used to pile up their plates and waste so much, including yours truly, until one fine day my CEO came to me looking at the plate I was about to dump the contents into bin and merely said think about those who dont have a morsel to eat before your load up the plate sweetheart and from then on, not only there but everywhere else, I try to minimize the wastage but not successfully all the times.

After marriage cooking just for the two of us meant too little proportions which I could never correctly anticipate and always overcooking and then eating it for days together and sometimes with new dishes prepared everyday the older ones had to see the dumpster :(( and because we did not have a car, each time we rented out a car, we used to stock up the fridge with food, veggies and sometimes no matter how much I tried it used to go waste.

I have seen this tag kind of a thing doing rounds on mama blogs where each of them listed out how they would try to avoid food wastage and was really impressed by their awareness and the tips they gave were really good and really got to thinking and from then on consciously did put in efforts to minimize wastage and after following it for a couple of weeks just putting it down on the blog, how I went about doing it that is...

1. Rent a car every week for a day and not every 2 weeks for 2 days.
2. Buy veggies, milk and stuff just enough for a week for 2 and bring more if guests are anticipated.
3. Cook only less rice and curries for both of us enough for a meal at a time or 2 at max and if we still feel hungry, eat up the fruits or carrorts or some yoghurt instead of cooking too much and then eating more because it is cooked or eating it the next day.
4. Clean the veggies, pat them dry with tissues and store in airtight containers.
5. When inviting guests, anticipate correctly and if anything is left in excess, much more than we both can consume in a day or 2 max, send stuff away with the visitors.
6. Do not load up the platter in buffets and throw it away later.
7. Keep an inventory list of groceries at home and do not stack up what is not needed each time we go to the store just because we THINK we might need it later.

Not just these, some simple things that I am trying to do consciously are
1. Do not use water stream full-force when washing the dishes or cleaning the tubs and sinks.
2. Try using a clothes line instead of a dryer in summer.
3. Remove the plugs from the sockets when any gadget is not in use, especially chargers, TV, etc.
4. Always switch off lights and fans in the areas where we are not in.
5. Use water and electricity sparingly. Use washer, dishwasher, and a/c in power-saving modes, not too hot in winter and not too cool in summer just enough temperature.
7. Minimize the water usage when brushing, cleaning, bathing, I see so many people just brushing with the tap open all the time.
8. Do not use a car even for the shortest distance, we can walk and get the task done.

Please feel free to add up a few more to the list and if possible please try to modify your lifestyle just a little and make some difference.

PS: I took the image from a fellow blogger through search in google images, but unfortunately my system cracked up and I no longer can find him/her, so if you happen to see the copyright violation, please let me know and I will link the source.. sorry for the goofup.

Happy Birthday Pillakay :)

Wishing the pillakay the most memorable happy birthday wishes.. memorable in the sense, he is a jobholder now.. oops, did I spill the beans and there is more to go, he successfully blackmailed his parents into getting him a bike next month.. (evil grin ;)).

This is one other person I am in constant touch besides caps and bhuvi almost every single day :). For me, who has left behind college and fun and all that way too long ago, he represents today's youth, bubbly, stubborn, sweet, nice, innocent, and naughty, a wholesome kid :). Good to hear your voice kiddo, so given a voice to your name, will give it a face when we, hopefully, meet up in Kolkatta :) or when I come visit India.

Wish you all the happiness and success in the future, be happy always, dont let your ego rule your life, stay grounded and you will reach the highest possible peaks with hard work and sincerity.. Deerghayushmaanbhava and Yashasveebhava :).

Jun 8, 2008

Two years and a lifetime to go :)

At times, it just seems like the other day we met on the net and the other day we got engaged and married but then sometimes it feels like it has been this way for as far as I remember, me and the OH together. It is amazing looking back how an acquaintance that began about little more than a couple of years ago transformed into a bond so strong that it is difficult to visualize where we began and how the journey of I and Me to just We and Us took shape.

For a person like me who likes simplicity in life and hates complexities, politics,and inner agendas of any sort in any relationship and who has the power and capabilities to erupt as an unstoppable volcano when tested to the limits of patience, OH, who is mild and patient is a perfect complement. We had been through the best and worst times together, had the worst possible teething troubles one can have, mostly fears and psychological factors. The blending in has happened gradually but with a lot of effort on both the sides and I guess that is the beauty of marriage. I guess after some time, we just mellowed down and one softens when the other turns unreasonable. We understand the relationship dynamics of our parents and people in general a lot better than we did when we were single.

I feel safe and secure and yet I have turned tough and self-reliant than before and it is for the better. The emotional, gullible girl has turned into a sensible and strong lady in a span of about 2 years.

And yes, the reason for the post is that it is exactly 2 years ago this day that we got engaged :) and after the initial struggle, we now validate and respect each other's feelings, beliefs, and personal space and are committed to nurture a healthy and content relationship taking care to lift each other up when down and working toward our well-being in general.


A Month Already...

It has been a month exactly since the demise of my beloved taatee and I have survived this tragedy fairly well and bounced up real fast, maybe because I was not there to see him or maybe because of part of me has come to accept that it is how life is, old water has to give way to new ones and that the cycle of life goes on. Nothing seems to shatter me any longer, I guess something inside me kind of died. The two individuals who mattered the most to me just left me leaving their size hole in my heart and now it feels nothing can affect me as badly as this one.

In one way, I feel relieved now. I dont have to worry day after day after day as to whether he is eating well, as to whether someone is there to talk to him, see if he is okay, as to whether he is really as happy as he tries to sound to convince me that he is fine. It feels good to know that he no longer has to struggle every second of his life, battling the odds alone. My selfish, comfort-seeking mind finds solace in the blind belief that he is safe around in the heavens with amma by his side and both of them knowing the value of each other with this separation are happy for ever and ever finding each other yet again.

Miss you both but be glad to know that I have learned to cope with losses much better, the way you wanted me to be, strong and brave.

Jun 7, 2008

Who Do We Trust.. What Do We Follow..

I have recently come across a post by someone who I read very frequently.. read it HERE and somehow cannot bring myself to agree with it.

I have grown up learning about Gandhi and Nehru, how they served the nation with patriotism, how they established an independent nation and all that stuff. I have read books written by both of them and at some point, got carried away, but as my reading patterns emerged and I began to explore various books and then with my own analysis on why the nation is struggling to get to its feet even after 60 years of independence, my perspective gradually changed and I have my own doubts now but I cannot bring myself to abuse anyone, because I was not around at that time.

If I were given opportunity to get back in time and witness one event, I would like to follow the freedom struggle and figure out why and how and when did Gandhi emerge as a force to reckon with and what was in the minds of Britishers when they granted us freedom. Were they actually convinced that there is nothing they could possibly extract from the once-rich nation or were they actually driven out by the weapons of peace and nonviolence as we are made to believe. There are a lot of incidents where I tend more towards questioning his credibility but then I was not around in those times to pass on a judgment merely reading some literature that is shown to me. I guess in this aspect, historians or biographers have kind of distorted the actual facts to a large extent and leave today's generation confused. I might not agree with what he did but I still cannot bring myself to speak rashly about him or make statements. Neither will I try to influence anyone against him nor would I side him, I would just leave each person to figure out what he/she wants to.

I have so many many..
Why is the Gandhi family the first family in politics even today.
Why is Indira Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi and why use the Gandhi name even today.
Why is everyone so obsessed with the name and surname and where are the actual descendants.
Why are India and Pakistan having so many issues even today, why were the blood brothers separated and why is the feud after all this time.
How did the Hindu Muslim barrier start, who fueled it and why cant we just have a harmonious co-existence respecting each other's feelings and beliefs.
What about Subash and why was Bhagat Singh hung, why were revolutionaries crushed?

Before I question the actions of the elderly, I would rather question myself as to what I am doing in the present day scenario. It is easy to do postmortem and say I could have done this and that and all that stuff but I would rather correct what is wrong right now in front of my eyes.

PS: This post is not a take on Praveen's and yes, he has specified that it is purely personal view and this is mine, but it is just that I have been wanting to do a post on my own doubts and stuff like that and that post was just a trigger to this one.

Jun 6, 2008

10 Reasons to Blog Tag

I am terrified of tags now. Well, looks like I seriously need a break from tags for a long long time.. Caps, no more okay :).

This one is good because I blogged in general as to why I blog but tags need to be crisp and clear, so here goes this one..

1. Improve my written language.
2. Focus my thoughts.
3. Time pass.
4. Satisfy the hunger/craving to see something I write be published in the net for all those who care/dare ;) to read.
5. I find blogging therapeutic, just like spring cleaning the house, it spring cleans my mind, unloading emotions anonymously helps.
6. Divert my energies constructively rather than indulge in cheap ego battles with everyone and anyone I get a chance to pounce on (well, I hate such people and am scared I might turn into one if I have too much time on hand).
7. To spare OH from my nonstop yapping.
8. An online journal into my life and times for my real life friends who are scattered across the globe and those who really care as to what is going on in my life and my mind.
9. Unknowingly, I have made a few blog buddies who I look forward to read always and it is good to catch up with them. I like the way they are concerned if you are out for too long or when they are trying to lift up my spirit when I am down and out.
10. Last and not the least, I like the inputs in the form of comments on certain issues or my thoughts to correct my perception, appreciate my feelings, looking into their point of view, and suggestions for overall improvement.

Now I am tagging all of you who want to do this tag and enumerate your ten reasons for blogging. After doing this, please copy the tag after this paragraph and add your name on the list of those who have done this like below
1. Jaggu.
2. Kalpana
3. Sree.

PS: I am a better person than when I started off and I am glad that I kept my relation strong with the blog and we are growing together, stronger, organized, and clear.


Yet another Tag -- 30 Qs

Been tagged by Caps. Now, let's move on... :)

Paandu Rangadu(Telugu Movie), slept off halfway through.. :).
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, actually listening to it, audio book.
Reader's Digest and Wisdom
Rain, Petrol and Kerosene at times, Talimpu (tadka) smell.
Baby laughter, chirping birds, rain on grass.
A combination of hopelessness and loneliness.
Did I sleep enough??.
Any roadside Chat Bhandaar in Hyderabad.
Depends on the horoscope.
Go for charity and join politics.
Nope. Dont Drive.
Hehe if you can call the OH an animal, usually he sleeps after he is stuffed ;).
Dad's White Ambassador, me none yet.
Any fresh fruit juice.
I have lots of it now, so I cant contemplate if I had.. but if i were in India, I would have volunteered.
Brownish black.
Hyderabad, Bangalore, now Atlanta.
Gymnastics and Cricket at times.
My bestest buddy, my extended family.
Carpeted floor.
Yes but without my childhood tragedy.
Keeps changing but usually a morning person.
A temple with silence, a riverside with loads of greenery and a camping equipment.
Pumpkin pie from Starbucks.
Butterscotch, but gave up in memory of amma.
I would guess Swathi, but no idea.

Now, I would like to tag...
Art Navy.

Jun 3, 2008

Acceptance At Last!!

I have somehow been very very reluctant to accept the fact that I have finished my term in 20s and moving to the 30s. It had been a painful transition for me and I did not even realize that I bothered this much about my age until I found myself cringing at the mention of 30s.. yeah, I am officially entering the 30-zone and that gives me jitters at times considering that I have finished half of my active life without really achieving anything :). I still am a kid at heart with little things like a balloon or a toy giving me immense pleasure and I refuse to fall into the groove of serious adulthood where one is supposed to be "MATURE." When I see the kids born in front of my eyes or the ones I carried getting married, I feel like an ancient monument. There were times when I suddenly got jealous of the young ones and rued the fact that I can no longer be in the category of youth ever. It shows how time has passed and how I did not have time to enjoy it because of all the burden that I took on myself and when I really want to sit back and enjoy life, I am expected to be serious, mature, dignified, intense, respectful, and what not. It is just not fair, but I guess that is what life is all about!!!!

There was a time when I really wanted to grow fast and dreamed of a time where I can take my own decisions and steer my own life and when I was in that position, I did not realize how fast the time flew. So many changes, the golden oldies passing away peacefully from this earth one after the other. I am at a time where I am seeing one entire generation vanishing in front of my eyes. Life, even when we live every moment of it, does not really age us in a moment but death when it strikes someone closer to your heart ages us all of a sudden by leaps and bounds. All of a sudden I realize the fragility of the life, how important it is to have health and how everything else is just secondary to good health and peace of mind.

Transition from a time where we used to call people grandmothers and aunties or grandfather and uncles to the time when people call us aunties and our parents as grandparents happened gradually and when I sit back and think about it, it is like "zorka Zhatka dheerese lagaa." Come to think of it, I have not just fallen into 30s all of a sudden, it happened day after day after day and so officially I have come to a point where I would say numbers dont matter ;).

I was just refusing to think that I am entering the so-called middle age and forgetting to live in the moment and believe me putting this post up has warranted a whole lot of courage and will power and now that I have put it down, I realize that coming to terms with it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Come to think of it early 30s has a nice ring to it than late 20s ;).. isnt it??... so gang, here goes me, officially the aunty Sush (by the way, call me that at your own risk, any flying objects targeting you I am not responsible ;)).

PS: My birthday was in April, it took me soo long to acknowledge my age though :).


Tag Time :) -- 2

After a long hibernation, during which I had so many fleeting thoughts for posts and even compiled a few of them on the train or while in the long drive mentally :), but could not bring myself to type them out and give them a form, I have gotten myself up for this tag by Rads..

The rules:

Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Thanks to my reader, I don't have a lot of books lying around, so I pick up the Reader's Digest Magazine, my most favorite book ever since I was a kid :)..

"Terrified but sure her husband would call and tell her it was all a mistake, she collected the other children from school and hurried home. "Joe sent me a word through a friend," she says. " He said not to worry, he'd soon clear this up and be out."

The above is from an article called "The Exonerated" by Jan Goodwin about a man who served 30 years fro a murder he did not commit from the March 2008 edition.

I tag
Pillakay (KK).
Kiran... and whosoever wants to take it up :).

Edited to Add: For those interested, yes the guy was pronounced "not guilty" after a struggle of 30 years. In all, a well-written article about a family's struggle (wife's) to prove the husband's innocence and the shocking revelations behind the imprisonment..

Tag Time :) -- 1

I had once done a Quirky Tag HERE but since I am weirdest person around, I can dig out a few more for the tag that Satish has passed on to me yet again :).

These are the rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you ---> Satish.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I need to keep changing the order of things arranged in the house every once in a while, kind of start to feel stuffy if the same decor continues for a long time.

2. I always need to see the microwave timer with the time and not the minutes left.. it just gives me BP bouts seeing that and also the spills in the oven left uncleaned.

3. I am a compulsive dollar shopper, each time I go to Target, I must do the round of the dollar-item isle and fill up the cart with the stuff I dont really need :(.

4. When I am in front of the mirror, instead of looking into it, I end up cleaning it up and leaving in a hurry.

5. I hate waking up to noises in home or yelling or loud noises, waking up at my will and peacefully is a must for me to have a good day.

6. I have to check my mail each time I see I pass an unoccupied system, even if it had just been a couple of minutes earlier that I actually saw that there were Zero mails to be read :).

I guess this tag has done enough and more of rounds, tag yourself if you feel like :).

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