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Jun 6, 2008

10 Reasons to Blog Tag

I am terrified of tags now. Well, looks like I seriously need a break from tags for a long long time.. Caps, no more okay :).

This one is good because I blogged in general as to why I blog but tags need to be crisp and clear, so here goes this one..

1. Improve my written language.
2. Focus my thoughts.
3. Time pass.
4. Satisfy the hunger/craving to see something I write be published in the net for all those who care/dare ;) to read.
5. I find blogging therapeutic, just like spring cleaning the house, it spring cleans my mind, unloading emotions anonymously helps.
6. Divert my energies constructively rather than indulge in cheap ego battles with everyone and anyone I get a chance to pounce on (well, I hate such people and am scared I might turn into one if I have too much time on hand).
7. To spare OH from my nonstop yapping.
8. An online journal into my life and times for my real life friends who are scattered across the globe and those who really care as to what is going on in my life and my mind.
9. Unknowingly, I have made a few blog buddies who I look forward to read always and it is good to catch up with them. I like the way they are concerned if you are out for too long or when they are trying to lift up my spirit when I am down and out.
10. Last and not the least, I like the inputs in the form of comments on certain issues or my thoughts to correct my perception, appreciate my feelings, looking into their point of view, and suggestions for overall improvement.

Now I am tagging all of you who want to do this tag and enumerate your ten reasons for blogging. After doing this, please copy the tag after this paragraph and add your name on the list of those who have done this like below
1. Jaggu.
2. Kalpana
3. Sree.

PS: I am a better person than when I started off and I am glad that I kept my relation strong with the blog and we are growing together, stronger, organized, and clear.


1 comment:

Kalpana said...

Since, I need to clear up all the tags given, chesesaanu. Hehheeeee, neeku appaginchanchaanu. Now, no more nearby for me and you..... Coz, nenu verevi inkaa post chesevi unnaayi... :)

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