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Jun 3, 2008

Acceptance At Last!!

I have somehow been very very reluctant to accept the fact that I have finished my term in 20s and moving to the 30s. It had been a painful transition for me and I did not even realize that I bothered this much about my age until I found myself cringing at the mention of 30s.. yeah, I am officially entering the 30-zone and that gives me jitters at times considering that I have finished half of my active life without really achieving anything :). I still am a kid at heart with little things like a balloon or a toy giving me immense pleasure and I refuse to fall into the groove of serious adulthood where one is supposed to be "MATURE." When I see the kids born in front of my eyes or the ones I carried getting married, I feel like an ancient monument. There were times when I suddenly got jealous of the young ones and rued the fact that I can no longer be in the category of youth ever. It shows how time has passed and how I did not have time to enjoy it because of all the burden that I took on myself and when I really want to sit back and enjoy life, I am expected to be serious, mature, dignified, intense, respectful, and what not. It is just not fair, but I guess that is what life is all about!!!!

There was a time when I really wanted to grow fast and dreamed of a time where I can take my own decisions and steer my own life and when I was in that position, I did not realize how fast the time flew. So many changes, the golden oldies passing away peacefully from this earth one after the other. I am at a time where I am seeing one entire generation vanishing in front of my eyes. Life, even when we live every moment of it, does not really age us in a moment but death when it strikes someone closer to your heart ages us all of a sudden by leaps and bounds. All of a sudden I realize the fragility of the life, how important it is to have health and how everything else is just secondary to good health and peace of mind.

Transition from a time where we used to call people grandmothers and aunties or grandfather and uncles to the time when people call us aunties and our parents as grandparents happened gradually and when I sit back and think about it, it is like "zorka Zhatka dheerese lagaa." Come to think of it, I have not just fallen into 30s all of a sudden, it happened day after day after day and so officially I have come to a point where I would say numbers dont matter ;).

I was just refusing to think that I am entering the so-called middle age and forgetting to live in the moment and believe me putting this post up has warranted a whole lot of courage and will power and now that I have put it down, I realize that coming to terms with it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Come to think of it early 30s has a nice ring to it than late 20s ;).. isnt it??... so gang, here goes me, officially the aunty Sush (by the way, call me that at your own risk, any flying objects targeting you I am not responsible ;)).

PS: My birthday was in April, it took me soo long to acknowledge my age though :).



rads said...

Happy Birthday!! :D

Girl, you have got to be kidding me if you are gonna call yourself an aunty! Here I am thick in the middle of 30's with 3 kids in tow and I REFUSE to be called aunty by anyone who's older than my daughter! hehe..

Think young and you will stay young :)

Have a good wonderful birthday, and the flip side to this is that you don't age a single day beyond. Pucca. :D

Suman said...

Hi Sree. I came here blog hopping :-).

A fellow Taurean, and as someone who hit the 30s this year, I can so relate to every word in your post !!! (wrote something similar a few weeks back on my blog as well).

Krishna Kumar said...

Aunty Sush...LOL :D !! may be not now...but at some juncture you'll be called as Aunt Sush..don't worry... :)

Kalpana said...

Hehheee Sush, elaagaithe ae raasesaavu. But, naaku enduku raa ilaanti feelings evi raaledu. Cheppalante, I made it memorable last year, by spending my time with my parents and H, in both the places, having fun by cutting cake and eating out. I loved it and enjoyed my March towards it. :). Be cool, everything will be fine and you will start enjoying ur 30's.

Satish Bolla said...

first of all, belated b'day wishes. n wht's the big thing abt aunty sush??? am 25 n kids of +2 are calling me "uncle" here. wht to do?

shireen said...

Welcome to da the way, I kinda like being 30-something than my 20's ;-)

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