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Jun 28, 2008

AP Raajeenaa(dra)maalu...

Following AP politics these days is like a circus (no offense to anyone involved in the actual Circus) and even worse at times..

Veru kumpati ani paaripovatam enti, confusing people with different groups sprouting up. I was wondering why a new party going through Chiru's here-I-come, not-just-now acts and there is already another party in the making thanks to split in TDP and the so-called oops-I-remember-Telangana, and I-want-to-be-No.1, Devender Gowd politics. As common man, silent observer (okay, okay, I make little noises in this space time to time ), I am mostly vexed with so much going on. I always felt that DG was one of the few sensible politicians who is stable, result-oriented, and focussed but now I doubt it, I am confused, I cannot say right from wrong and I dont know the actual truth, the media which is supposed to be guiding the general public is making the matters worse by taking sides and publishing their own versions, between the polit(r)ics and media wars, the common man is confused and neglected. For me, staying out of the state, talking from this far or expressing views is easy because the immediate impact is not there but still I am worried.

I am fed up. Who is pure and pristine around here

CBN coming to power de-throning the-then TDP supremo NTR, (the saving grace was he was the only CM I actually saw working and the one who made people around him work and made AP and Hyd a powerful place to look at in terms of IT or education. Ignoring how much he has amassed monetarily or whatever, I saw some progress in some fronts at at least am sure given a chance he will do as much to the agriculture and rural sectors realizing his folly the last time around).
YSR who is surrounded by issues all the time, either creating one or in one screaming his lungs out "Adhyakshaa.." whose only aim these days is to crush the forces that dare to come out in open using his own media power and ruling party power even when the public is haunted with countless problems, .
, the man one who remembers his Talli Telangana IF and only IF his personal motives are not satisfied and is always ready with a pen and paper to resign and create ruckus and divert attention each time his real motives are brought out in open.

and finally..

JP the only man I thought had the power to confront the dirty-tricks in politics. Where the hell are you man and why arent you guys blowing that damn "whistle" of yours????

Last but not the last, it is high time the so-called King Maker media guys, make the existing chaos an utter chaos..

One song that I am reminded these days is "Bharata maatanu nenu bandeenai padi unnanu.. " where in the God's name are we heading to. Why is no one condemning the acts going on, I no longer feel comfortable watching just one newspaper or a channel and end up reading all the three and making my own inferences which is a dangerous situation. Is there no alternative, if serving the public and nation is the aim, cant they come together and work for it emerging into two strong entities like the ruling and the opposition and strive to outdo the others in terms of progressive action and not go about degrading each other to the maximum possible extent..

In my life time, I have seen 'n' number of changes

Inflation or whatever it is, 5, 10, 20 np coins are gone.. or to be precise, why do we need them, we dont get anything at that cost??? I wonder in a few years, it will just be 1 and 2 rupees or maybe even just 5 rs/-.

I can only dream of buying a house or a plot because of the obscene rates (okay, to a large extent it is the NRIs who caused this situation but cant there be any control enforced).

I need to go to the remotest possible villages to get a breath of fresh air.

There is rampant corruption in each and every government-run organization and can we blame them entirely, with their pitiable pay and increasing cost of living, what can they do (not supporting them but want to figure out the root cause of it all other than the pocketing-others-money mentality).

I no longer say "nenu Chaduvu"kuntunna" it is chaduvukontunna

When a person like me with not so much of a worldly-wise knowledge, sees so many issues to tackle upfront, why are these netas hell-bent on wasting our tax money with all these dramas and hung elections and re-elections, why feed your bellies sucking the blood of the unsuspecting common man?? why why why????


kris said...

Hi Sree, I am Rajesh.
First of all a very good Post & you have a very good knowledge in politics.
In my opinion & thinking about the future, JP is better than every one else and he is having loads of ideas that can give good results.

Krishna Kumar said...

Akka..naaku,politics ki chaala dooram...politics lo naaku A,B,C kooda raadu...ayna gettiga prayathninchi ee post ni rendu rojulu chadiva...naaku arthamaina neetentante...neeku politics baaga telusani.. :D

Satish Bolla said...

akkoi, very very good post. manchi entertaining n thought-provoking. nenaithe 2009 elections kosam worldcup kante kuda eager gaa waiting.

Padma said...

Hey I am not good at politics, but loved to read all the titles on your blog so far...

Tx Sree for leaving a warm welcome on my blog.... emi chestunnavu ee madhya? howz ur work going on?

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