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Jun 9, 2008

Food, Wastage, Conservation, and Me...

It is an unfortunate truth that when a few people out there in the world are struggling to eat a meal a day forget alone nutrition and stuff, there are a lot of us who go about wasting food.

I dont want to give any lectures to anyone or say hey look, I realized the worth of food and all, became so very environmental and society conscious and blah, blah, blah, one fine morning and now you start realizing too and follow me. Each person has to by himself come to understand and follow and nothing can be forced, good or bad, on an individual.

At my work place back in India, we had concept of free lunch and everyone used to pile up their plates and waste so much, including yours truly, until one fine day my CEO came to me looking at the plate I was about to dump the contents into bin and merely said think about those who dont have a morsel to eat before your load up the plate sweetheart and from then on, not only there but everywhere else, I try to minimize the wastage but not successfully all the times.

After marriage cooking just for the two of us meant too little proportions which I could never correctly anticipate and always overcooking and then eating it for days together and sometimes with new dishes prepared everyday the older ones had to see the dumpster :(( and because we did not have a car, each time we rented out a car, we used to stock up the fridge with food, veggies and sometimes no matter how much I tried it used to go waste.

I have seen this tag kind of a thing doing rounds on mama blogs where each of them listed out how they would try to avoid food wastage and was really impressed by their awareness and the tips they gave were really good and really got to thinking and from then on consciously did put in efforts to minimize wastage and after following it for a couple of weeks just putting it down on the blog, how I went about doing it that is...

1. Rent a car every week for a day and not every 2 weeks for 2 days.
2. Buy veggies, milk and stuff just enough for a week for 2 and bring more if guests are anticipated.
3. Cook only less rice and curries for both of us enough for a meal at a time or 2 at max and if we still feel hungry, eat up the fruits or carrorts or some yoghurt instead of cooking too much and then eating more because it is cooked or eating it the next day.
4. Clean the veggies, pat them dry with tissues and store in airtight containers.
5. When inviting guests, anticipate correctly and if anything is left in excess, much more than we both can consume in a day or 2 max, send stuff away with the visitors.
6. Do not load up the platter in buffets and throw it away later.
7. Keep an inventory list of groceries at home and do not stack up what is not needed each time we go to the store just because we THINK we might need it later.

Not just these, some simple things that I am trying to do consciously are
1. Do not use water stream full-force when washing the dishes or cleaning the tubs and sinks.
2. Try using a clothes line instead of a dryer in summer.
3. Remove the plugs from the sockets when any gadget is not in use, especially chargers, TV, etc.
4. Always switch off lights and fans in the areas where we are not in.
5. Use water and electricity sparingly. Use washer, dishwasher, and a/c in power-saving modes, not too hot in winter and not too cool in summer just enough temperature.
7. Minimize the water usage when brushing, cleaning, bathing, I see so many people just brushing with the tap open all the time.
8. Do not use a car even for the shortest distance, we can walk and get the task done.

Please feel free to add up a few more to the list and if possible please try to modify your lifestyle just a little and make some difference.

PS: I took the image from a fellow blogger through search in google images, but unfortunately my system cracked up and I no longer can find him/her, so if you happen to see the copyright violation, please let me know and I will link the source.. sorry for the goofup.


Kalpana said...

Hmm, good one Sush..... I minimized all..... okka, ee elctricity sangathemito chudaali... heheheheee........ adi minimum ae anuko... but I need to still... :)

Swathi said...

hey nice to see back in action..back in full form :)...regarding the post i remember, when i worked in wipro, they used to write on board how much tonnes of food got waste a day used to motivate ppl not to waste food..!! but one thing is there sree, girls tend to waste lot more food than men, i observed it during my working days, and i used to cringe when they simply used to let food go in garbage. about wasting food, i have a source called 'my hubby',he will never let go anything as food in garbage :)

Satish Bolla said...

picture keka. inka post content poli keka.
but naa varaku vasthe, nenu nee antha worry avvanu. because of one simple reason...


madhu said...

sree ee vishayam lo i agree with waste cheyadam asalu ishtam ledu okkosari naku takkuvaina parvaledu ani koncheme vanduta .electricity and water vihayam lo kuda chala strict ga apply chesta rules .liked ur post as it matched my thoughts

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