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Jun 14, 2008

Dasaavathaaram -- My Views

Had been to this movie with advance booking and all the hulla gulla. Concept, chaos theory was good, the butterfly theory was too good, Kamal for a change was sober in acting, no histrionics in any of the 10 roles. but then there is a catch. I dont understand why is the movie called "Dasaavathaaram" and what is the need for 10 roles.. I was trying to figure out if each role was meant to be one Avataara of God but could not correlate. No doubt, the patience and hard work put in doing the makeup and getting it done is really really praiseworthy and amazing, but when it comes to the foreign characters Bush and Fletcher, one cant but wonder if the makeup kept falling down during the shooting and at times felt comical too, it looked more like a caricature of an individual than a normal person. Of them all,
1 and 2, Nambi and Scientist (original faces).
3, 4, 5, 6 tamil-loving police officer, Vincent (guy against sand maafia), Krishnaveni (95-year-old baamma) and Avtaar Singh (Punjabi-Telugu Pop star)(acceptably realistic makeup).
7 Fletcher (ex-CIA agent) (kind of okay)
8, 9, and 10 Japanese guy, Afghan, and Mr. Bush. (Pasty and comical)

Agreed, I should be proud to be coming from a nation where people experiment with makeup, subject, and other technicalities in movie making with out-of-the-box thinking but at same time, I cannot bring myself to accept that be there the need or not, portraying all the vital characters and trying to make that the USP of the movie. All the ga-ga about 10 roles by a single man in a single movie would be appreciated and worthwhile if all those characters were intricately woven into the story and were very integral part of the narration. At some places, I felt like a character has been introduced just to make the role-count to a round-figure 10 than anything else which kind of becomes irritating and can some one tell me what Asin-2 is doing other than screaming her lungs out "naa perumaal naakicchey."

The Nambi torture scenes, Perumaal drowning scene, lab scenes, chopper chase scenes, Tsunami effects, and there are a lot of good aspects to the movie but some utterly useless additions and extremely prolonged chasing sequences ruin the hard work. Music is not much to speak of..

All in all, a movie for die-hard Kamal fans, not for the ones with questions like when, why, and how and want to see movies for the art of film-making and story line!

PS: Anyone remember the promo pic with Kamal's face smeared with vibhooti and kumkum and a dog on his shoulder, wonder where it was intended to be and where it went off. Even the Krishnaveni Promo pic is totally different from the actual one.


Krishna Kumar said...

Avatar with kumkum and dog in shoulder was removed..may be there's no need of that character in the movie..and you can also see some pics..Kamal as military officer,Village oriented old women,African tribal,long bearded old men...they all just for photo session...not included in the movie...

Satish Bolla said...

baaga cheppav. naaku tamil rakapoyina tamil lo chusa. cinema overall gaa parledhu. but script lo andhariki equal importance ichi unter baagundedhi. alaane veedu ee cinema lo ye religion ni vadhalledhu.

but technical gaa aalochisthe, a big leap in indian cinema.

Krishna Kumar said...

@Sathanna 12th century lo scenes ani Iyengar & Iyer group ki sambadhinchinde...for more details...naa blog lo post chesta kasta waiting chei..

Kalpana said...

hey, mana movie blog undi kadaa reviews ki... marchipoyaavaa... I too heard that story emi ledu ani...

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