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Jun 10, 2008

Do You Think So Too??

I was watching Jodha Akbar for the second time today while cleaning up the home and packing my office system back. Once again I felt that Sonu Sood, the guy who acted as Soojamal looked a lot like Amitabh Bacchan and somehow acted like him too :)..

Is it just me or did you think so too??

By the way, I have resigned the second time from the office and am just taking rest and getting fat for the time being :).

PS: First B&B Post.


Krishna Kumar said...

Nuvvu chepinataruvata alochiste...sujamal alane Amitabh lane unndakka...

Satish Bolla said...

i never felt so. will check out the next time i see the flick.

btw, y did u resign, again?

Swathi said...

anta observe sari malla chusi chepta..adi enti sudden ga resign chesavu???

Kalpana said...

Movie inka chudaledu...

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