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Jun 17, 2008

Dus KaDum!!

Well, was browsing through my favorite haunt videomasti as usual and stumbled on this program called 10KaDum.. hosted by Salman.. was initially surprised 'cos I kind of lost touch with Indian TV.

I watched the celebrity episode with Yuvi and Bhajji and was genuinely pleased with the ease with which the three of them were joking on each other on national TV and the biggest surprise of all was the friendly Salman, somehow I always felt that Salman was reclusive, secretive, too hard to approach and a very private person.. okay, I dont know him in person, but was somehow opinionated which I know is wrong but then kya karen, I am like thatt only, phew!!!

Those interested can watch it HERE.

1 comment:

Kalpana said...

Salman meeda, naa assumption ade...

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