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Jun 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Pillakay :)

Wishing the pillakay the most memorable happy birthday wishes.. memorable in the sense, he is a jobholder now.. oops, did I spill the beans and there is more to go, he successfully blackmailed his parents into getting him a bike next month.. (evil grin ;)).

This is one other person I am in constant touch besides caps and bhuvi almost every single day :). For me, who has left behind college and fun and all that way too long ago, he represents today's youth, bubbly, stubborn, sweet, nice, innocent, and naughty, a wholesome kid :). Good to hear your voice kiddo, so given a voice to your name, will give it a face when we, hopefully, meet up in Kolkatta :) or when I come visit India.

Wish you all the happiness and success in the future, be happy always, dont let your ego rule your life, stay grounded and you will reach the highest possible peaks with hard work and sincerity.. Deerghayushmaanbhava and Yashasveebhava :).


Kalpana said...

Happy Birthday, KK... :)

Have wonderful time ahead!

Swathi said...

Hey whoever this is..happy birthday on my behalf too!!!

soundharya said...

Hi sush akka........this is soundharya....mana kk alias bakkodu[this is wat i call him] gurinchi nenu em anukunano almost ade cheparu....hez really a vvery "sweet KID"......... BELATED B'DAY WISHES RA...... :)


Satish Bolla said...

bike vishayam naaku cheppaledhu veedu.... :(
anyways naavi kuda same aasessulu.

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