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Jun 15, 2008


Hi there.. if you are wondering what that means if you already dont know what it is, it means HELLO... in Spanish.. For those, who know what it means and wondering why am I using it, it is because yours truly is trying to pick up bits and pieces of the language and flaunt them :)..


Como Esta Usted??
How are you...

Mucho Gusto...
Nice to Meet you..

Adios.. Hasta Luego..
Bye.. See you later.

PS: Now, you guys know that I have absolutely nothing to do today except trying to do something forcibly... just pinged in to say Hi :).


Krishna Kumar said...

hola..aún sé español...¿Cómo fue su día..edo naaku telesina spanish... :D

Kalpana said...

Hehheee, naa blog lo eppudo raasaagaa in flair for languages... :) HOLA!

Satish Bolla said...

here arabs say "HALA" for HELLO

Its My World said...

HOLA! I know only this word that too i got it from my kid's toy phone.Excellenthey

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