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Jun 11, 2008

Life On The Refrigerator Door.. My Views

I have read a review during my blog-hopping sessions and ever since then wanted to read it and had been there in my to-do list, even more so after Rad's review on the same. I have made 'n' number of rounds to the library and at last after a 3-month wait period on hold category got to read the book and yes, it was worth the wait. Actually, I did not know about this hold feature and all but that was a surprise to me from OH, who by the way also read this book in the train commute back home in flat 1 hour which sort of speaks about the book considering how much of a tortoise-speed reader he is.

The story is narrated in the form of exchange of post-its or notes from mother to daughter, simple and yet gripping ones narrating the events in just a sentence at times. If you can lay hands on it somewhere, some time, just read it. It is amazing how the author could squeeze in the story without using so many words and yet conveying the matter convincingly and conveys so many messages that one wants to take from it.

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Kalpana said...

Wow, will try to.

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