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Jun 9, 2008

Long Pending Payback!!

Just like every other Indian, I got really pissed off when I heard and read about our so-called "eating good".

I was fuming hot and wild and volcanic for a while, so just waited to let it cool down but could not resist giving it back to you.

Mr. Bush, it is not just by Indian middle class eating good food that we have food crisis or hike in prices, why don't you check the amount of wastage that happens and then think about actual consumption, which by the way is very meager compared to you know WHO and if this is the way you react to the middle-class eating good food, dread to think your reaction when the entire nation begins to eat good, which I pray for every day. Most of all, what goes of your daddy if we consume our own produce!!!!

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Kalpana said...

Well said!

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