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Jun 25, 2008

Paper, Plastic and Life!!

Using plastic and paper so much bothers me no end. After coming to US, I notice exponentially increased use of paper for anything and everything, wipes, bath tissues, kitchen tissues, napkins, paper towels, giveaway magazines.. one look at the public restrooms and my heart goes for all the trees cut down for us to wipe our hands.. germs, infection, cleanliness, blah.. blah.. blah.. Why not use a clean handkerchief or a cloth napkin and reuse it!! Why not use water for God's Sake!! I have my own doubts.. can paper clean as well and if you have to you water anyways, why not use it in the first place!!!

Plastic and its hazards to health and the hazards to the ozone layer!!! When will we ever realize.. the world and the environment in general is not as fresh and pure and clean as it was when were born, why degenerate it even further to our future generations, why not just minimize the use.. tap water in US is as good or better than the mineral water in some places and why not use Brita Pitchers or Pur filters and go for reusable water bottles.. Stop, Think, and Buy!!!

If I were the planet earth, I would die a death every time some natural resource of mine is wasted, each time I were abused with rashness of use, each time I think about the pollutants added, each time I think about the extinct species.. well in short a million deaths every single second and I shudder even at the thought.. why dont we understand the pain that we inflict on the mother earth!! Minimize the use of plastic and paper..

alternatives can be
1. Use clean handkerchiefs, a whole lot of them if need be in stead of paper tissues and wipes.
2. Use napkins and reusable stuff than throw-aways.
3. Use water from tap or filter the water at home and minimize overloading the planet with plastic waste.
4. Use shopping bags made of cloth or jute to carry stuff than in plastic.
5. Use water in stead of the bath tissue whenever possible. general look for ways to bring about a healthy and environment friendly lifestyle. Believe me, it is not as tough to practice, just a little conscious effort.

Please feel free to add in more of your thoughts on the same...
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