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Jun 25, 2008

Raajasekharaa Neepai...

.. tikka teeraledura... kadupu manta perigeraa!!!!

I happened to see an interview in the net quite sometime ago LINK HERE and for the time felt like personally going around bashing the people who did not vote, (!yeah I have this tendency to blame ourselves, the so-called educated, tech-geek juntaa who have the capability to say right from the wrong and capacity to lecture on and on and on about what is wrong in the society and why, but just fail to cast their valuable vote!) and ask them to see what they have gotten us into.. any question, the answer is ask Mr. Chandrababu Naidu or whosoever it is to go court.. what the bloody hell!!!.. this from a man who chose to be our representative for a sum total of 5 years, in whose capable hands we kept our state for progress or peril. I was shaking my head in wild disbelief. Until then, I never was critical about anything about anyone from politics but from then I made a point to try to figure out.. but still there are a lot of things I just dont understand...

Why is the government hell bent on seeing the people who dare to write against them behind bars?

Are there no pressing issues at all in the state, is everything hale and hearty?

Instead of looking at ways to improve the quality of life of a common man which by the way is way below acceptable and the seemingly ever-mounting cost of living and many more stuff things, is taking revenge on the opponents the only aim?

CBN and TDP, Chiru, Ramoji Rao and Margadarsi and Andhra Jyothi and anything related to them is a cause of immediate concern.. are they the only ones who need mending or bending or minding whatever?

Patrika Swatantram anedi just Sakshiki maatrame vartistunda?


Alapana said...

Thats politics lady, and that too Indian politics, its not their mistake,its our mistake, its us who gave those bloody idiots to rule us and to rule us they break the rules,it is not funny anymore but still,no choice till we decide to do something and that is next to impossible.because as an educated middle class working Indian,we are all busy with our lives,too busy to even look around to know what is happening,and if we do look,i told you,we are busy and not bothered,sad but the truth.

Satish Bolla said...

andhra lo ippudu british rajyam kante dhaarunamainadhi nadusthundhi. chaala ghoram

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