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Jun 11, 2008

A Bulb and a Bubble Series

At times, when I see something or read something, my overactive, extra-imaginative, completely creative brain, comes up with some many ideas.. sandu istey cinema story raasesenta annamaata ;). When such things happen, OH imagines a bulb and a bubbly cloud with my ideas in that :), which in fact, according to him is very dangerous ;).

In this miniature series, I would share with you guys those crazy ideas and do make sure you drop in a word to say if you feel so too or is it just me??

Am always confused at times if Zebra has black stripes over white body or white stripes over black?? Any answers?


Swathi said...

amma talli..enta doubt vachindi neeku!!! sree plz go back to work :D

Krishna Kumar said...

nenu tellaga untaanu khabati...zebra has black stripes in white body...adi matteru...illanti doubt lu naakoodavastaai...andulo okkati endante...ani functions,function hall lo chestaaru kada...mari Gruha praveshaam matram enduku function hall lo cheyaru...endukata...??

Kalpana said...

emaindi raa, mareenu... :P

Satish Bolla said...

nuvvu keka. aa computer ki konni rojulu dhuram gaa kurcho. alaane tv ki kuda. endhukainaa manchidhi

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