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Jun 8, 2008

Two years and a lifetime to go :)

At times, it just seems like the other day we met on the net and the other day we got engaged and married but then sometimes it feels like it has been this way for as far as I remember, me and the OH together. It is amazing looking back how an acquaintance that began about little more than a couple of years ago transformed into a bond so strong that it is difficult to visualize where we began and how the journey of I and Me to just We and Us took shape.

For a person like me who likes simplicity in life and hates complexities, politics,and inner agendas of any sort in any relationship and who has the power and capabilities to erupt as an unstoppable volcano when tested to the limits of patience, OH, who is mild and patient is a perfect complement. We had been through the best and worst times together, had the worst possible teething troubles one can have, mostly fears and psychological factors. The blending in has happened gradually but with a lot of effort on both the sides and I guess that is the beauty of marriage. I guess after some time, we just mellowed down and one softens when the other turns unreasonable. We understand the relationship dynamics of our parents and people in general a lot better than we did when we were single.

I feel safe and secure and yet I have turned tough and self-reliant than before and it is for the better. The emotional, gullible girl has turned into a sensible and strong lady in a span of about 2 years.

And yes, the reason for the post is that it is exactly 2 years ago this day that we got engaged :) and after the initial struggle, we now validate and respect each other's feelings, beliefs, and personal space and are committed to nurture a healthy and content relationship taking care to lift each other up when down and working toward our well-being in general.



Krishna Kumar said...

Happy Engagement Day...:)

Kalpana said...

Wow..... good going Sush... Mari, marriage definition ade kadaa, Ugaadi pachchadi... ;), u can say having a mixture of all emotions in this bond.

Satish Bolla said...

congrats for the successful completion of 2 yrs of courtship. akkai, eppati nundo oka dharma sandeham nannu thintundhi. OH antey emaiuntundhaa ani thega aalochisthunna. konchem chepparaadhu?
ikkada kastam anukunte oka mail kottu. na mail id

Sree said...

Thanks KK and Caps.

Satish: hehe, OH antey other half, ippudu header chadive untaav kabatti telisipoyi untundi :).

Krishna Kumar said...

OH ante Other Half aa..neninka H20 lo H+OH alaga nuvvu H mee ayna OH ala anukunna...

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