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Jun 7, 2008

Who Do We Trust.. What Do We Follow..

I have recently come across a post by someone who I read very frequently.. read it HERE and somehow cannot bring myself to agree with it.

I have grown up learning about Gandhi and Nehru, how they served the nation with patriotism, how they established an independent nation and all that stuff. I have read books written by both of them and at some point, got carried away, but as my reading patterns emerged and I began to explore various books and then with my own analysis on why the nation is struggling to get to its feet even after 60 years of independence, my perspective gradually changed and I have my own doubts now but I cannot bring myself to abuse anyone, because I was not around at that time.

If I were given opportunity to get back in time and witness one event, I would like to follow the freedom struggle and figure out why and how and when did Gandhi emerge as a force to reckon with and what was in the minds of Britishers when they granted us freedom. Were they actually convinced that there is nothing they could possibly extract from the once-rich nation or were they actually driven out by the weapons of peace and nonviolence as we are made to believe. There are a lot of incidents where I tend more towards questioning his credibility but then I was not around in those times to pass on a judgment merely reading some literature that is shown to me. I guess in this aspect, historians or biographers have kind of distorted the actual facts to a large extent and leave today's generation confused. I might not agree with what he did but I still cannot bring myself to speak rashly about him or make statements. Neither will I try to influence anyone against him nor would I side him, I would just leave each person to figure out what he/she wants to.

I have so many many..
Why is the Gandhi family the first family in politics even today.
Why is Indira Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi and why use the Gandhi name even today.
Why is everyone so obsessed with the name and surname and where are the actual descendants.
Why are India and Pakistan having so many issues even today, why were the blood brothers separated and why is the feud after all this time.
How did the Hindu Muslim barrier start, who fueled it and why cant we just have a harmonious co-existence respecting each other's feelings and beliefs.
What about Subash and why was Bhagat Singh hung, why were revolutionaries crushed?

Before I question the actions of the elderly, I would rather question myself as to what I am doing in the present day scenario. It is easy to do postmortem and say I could have done this and that and all that stuff but I would rather correct what is wrong right now in front of my eyes.

PS: This post is not a take on Praveen's and yes, he has specified that it is purely personal view and this is mine, but it is just that I have been wanting to do a post on my own doubts and stuff like that and that post was just a trigger to this one.


Kalpana said...

Yes Sush, we don't know the truth. And evarini thappu pattalemu. Cheppali ante, correct answers important. Ippati genlo, evariki vaaru correct gaa untunnaaraa ledaa anede important. Coz, ee asthram tho ne manam mana mundu gen ni nadipinchavachchu. And cheppalante, I believe in Future than History. We all need to know the past, but akkade bathikeyakudadu. Future lo elaa undaali anede important. :)

madhu said...

nice to read ur blogs again sush .they are interesting and thought provoking

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